Traffic Accidents in Haiti - Dangerous Roads

Car Accident Haiti - Truck Turnover Thomassique Haiti - The other day, while driving down the windy dirt road from Thomassique to Boc Banic Haiti, I came across this scene.. a big old truck that flipped over right in the middle of the road. more »

Taxi Moto in Haiti: Not the safest but definitely the most efficient way to get around in Haiti

Taxi Moto - Motorcyle Taxi - Gonaives Haiti Foreigners and tourists in Haiti are opting for taxi-motos as the means to get around in the busy streets of Port-au-Prince and in remote areas where public transportation is scarce. more »

Haiti Unpaved Road Dangers - I Nearly Killed Two Little Children!

Unpaved Dirt Road in Haiti True Story - Nan Papaye, Haiti - The other day, I was driving on one of the many unpaved dirt roads in Haiti when suddenly, out of the dust cloud of the car in front of me, two little children, a boy and a girl, ran right in front or my car. I risked my life and the lives of seven passengers in the car trying to save the lives of these two little children. more »

Bon Repos Haiti - Gas Shortage - Motorcycles Storm A Gas Station with a Little Gas

Gas Shortage in Haiti - Motorcycles Storm a Pump with a Little Gas I was in Bon Repos Haiti with a car running out of gas when suddenly I heard there was gas at the National gas station in Bon Repos. more »

Mirebalais Haiti - Eighty Dollars for One Gallon of Gasoline

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Gasoline is like gold in Haiti these days. I arrived in Mirebalais Haiti last night with a car almost out of gas. I had to pay $20 U.S. for two gallons of gasoline. more »

Elevated Roads Are Coming Haiti

An Eleveted Road In Santiago, Domincan Republic Imagine driving over 'Kafou Aeroport' in Delmas Haiti... Imagine no more... In the very near future, Haitian motorists may be driving OVER some of the most congested intersections in Port-au-Prince. more »

Haiti: From Port-au-Prince to Carrefour, 4 Miles, an Eternity to Get There...

Haiti Road: Port-au-Prince - Carrefour It is only 4 miles from Downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti to Carrefour but... You can spend hours trying to get from here to there... more »

Haiti Cargo and Shipping Services Headaches

Have you shipped anything to Haiti lately? What has the experience been like for you? For me it it a real headache! more »

Haiti Traffic Police Will Be Using Radar Soon

Camion Transport Le Bon Samaritain Gonaives Haiti Attention Haitian reckless drivers, if you think Haiti is a SAVANN where you can drive however you want, as fast as you want, think again... more »

PHOTOS: Gas Shortage In Haiti, Look at The Lines At The Pump

Haiti Gas Shortage, Long Line at the Gas Pumps A picture is worth a Thousand words... There is a shortage of gas at the pumps in Haiti, See photos of the long lines as people wait to buy gas by the gallon in the few pumps where fuel is available in limited quantity. more »