Haiti PM Evans Paul Involved in Car Accident Wednesday Night

PHOTO: Haiti - Prime Minister Evans Paul Car Accident in Bourdon Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul's motorcade got involved in a car accident Wednesday night in Bourdon, near the officer of presidential candidate Jean-Henry Ceant... According to news reports, the vehicle carrying the prime minister hit another vehicle in a collision... more »

Arachaie Haiti - Zanmi Lasante Bus Burned Down by ARMED Individuals Monday

PHOTO: Haiti - Moun Arcahaie BOULE yon Bus Compagnie Sans-Souci More problems in Arcahaie Haiti... 4 individuals, heavily armed, burn down a bus carrying 32 employees from Zanmi Lasante, sister organization to the Boston-based Partners In Health... more »

Haiti - Terrible Traffic Accident in Canape-Vert, 3 People Dead, Many Injured

Haiti Accident - Car Motorcycle Driving in Haiti -- A terrible traffic accident in Canape Vert caused the death of 3 people, including a young child, with 10 others gravely injured... more »

Haiti Energy - More and more Tap-Taps are Switching to PROPANE from Gasoline

PHOTO: Haiti - Propane Powered Tap-tap Haiti Energy Update -- More and more tap-tap owners are converting their gasoline powered taxi over to PROPANE... One of the biggest expense of a Haitian tap-tap driver is the cost of gasoline. One driver who converted his tap-tap over to PROPANE admit saving 400 gourdes per day... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Pont Croix des Missions an ap SOUKE...

PHOTO: Haiti - Pont Croix-des-Missions, Rivierre Grise, Tabarre Haiti : DANGER sou Route National #1 -- Genyen anpil alert ke Pont Croix-Des-Missions an ap SOUKE... Attention Chofè, VEYE zo nou... Dapre nouvel yo, pon Croix-Des-Missions an pa ka kenbe ankò... more »

Haiti - New Gasoline Strike announced for Monday and Tuesday

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti There is another Gasoline strike announced in Haiti for Monday 09 and Tuesday 10 March, 2015, to force the Haitian government to reduce gasoline prices down to 100 gourdes... more »

Haiti Govt Condemns those who burn Capital Coach Line Bus in Ti Goave

PHOTO: Capital Coach Line Bus Burned in Petit Goave The Haitian government express complete disapproval of the act committed in Petit Goave where a Capital Coach Line bus was burned to the ground for reasons having to do with the Dominican Republic... more »

Haiti - Capital Coach Line Bus Burned to the Ground in Ti Goave

Capital Coach Line Bus Burned in Petit Goave A Capital Coach Line bus was burned to the ground in Petit Goave in the area of Andre 17 after a group of individual stopped the bus and on the pretense that a Dominican Driver was piloting the bus... more »

Haiti Airport Passengers miss their Flights due to gasoline strike Monday...

American Airlines In Haiti Airport Port-au-Prince Haiti - Many airline passengers are stuck at the Haiti International Airport; they missed their flights out of Haiti Monday morning due to a gasoline strike in motion crippling public transportation... more »

Haiti Gas Prices Drops to 195 Gourdes following Public transport strike

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Haiti gas prices dropped from 215 gourdes down to 200 gourdes Monday following strike by Haiti public transportation and tap-tap drivers over high gas prices which paralyzed public transport in the country Monday... Gas prices in Haiti are expected to drop to 195 Gourdes by Friday... more »