Haiti Road Construction - RN3 from Hinche to St Raphael to begin soon

Unpaved Dirt Road in Haiti Construction will begin soon on Haiti Route Nationale #3 (RN3), on the stretch or road linking Hinche (Centre) to St Raphael (Nord)... more »

Haiti - Port-au-Prince Mayor wants to CLEAR the Road from Rue Oswald Durand to Portail Leogane

Rue Oswald Durand - Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haiti Traffic Update - The mayor of the city of Port-au-Prince Haiti wants to clear the road for traffic from rue Oswald Durand in downtown Port-au-Prince all the way to Portail Leogane... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Runaway Bus Kills 38 People after running over 3 BAND RARA

PHOTO: Haiti Blue Sky Bus Gonaives Haiti - A traffic bus trying trying to escape a hit and run accident decimates three bands or RARA killing 38 people and injuring 13 others... more »

Haiti is Left in a Primitive State

Bourette Haiti There are some things that I see in Haiti I ask myself are they available anywhere else in the world... Take this for example... more »

Haitian Peasants form a KONBIT for Road Maintenance

PHOTO: Trois Roches Haiti - a Muddy Road Haitian peasants in Trois Roches, a small village outside the city of Hinche, are forming a KONBIT Saturday in order to do some maintenance in the stretch of muddy road that leads to their village. more »

The Muddiest Roads in Haiti - Pignon Haiti is a Muddy Mess and Politicians are talking CRAP

PHOTO: Haiti Muddy Roads - Pignon, Section communale de La Belle-Mère Haitians are living in the MUD everywhere in Haiti while Politicians are rolling in their Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and dining in the finest restaurants in the Capital... Look at the condition of the road in a deuxième section communale de La Belle-Mère, in Pignon, Northern Haiti... more »

Haiti Department of Transportation - Who Maintains the Traffic Lights?

PHOTO: Haiti Street Signs and Traffic Lights Does Haiti have a Department of Transportation? If there is such a thing, then why am reading in the newspapers that there is a BLACKOUT on all traffic lights in Port-au-Prince? more »

FLASH: Haiti - Traffic Accident near Camp-Perrin, Victims were Carrying Automatic Weapons

PHOTO: Camp-Perrin Haiti Map Breaking News... Haiti - Following an attack on the police in Aux Cayes Monday, there was a traffic accident reported in the area of Duchiti, near Camp-Perrin, not far from Les Cayes, and the victims of the accident were carrying automatic weapons... more »

Haiti Traffic : Pont Croix-des-Mission an BLOKE ak 2 Camion plen SAB...

PHOTO: Haiti - Pont Croix-des-Missions, Rivierre Grise, Tabarre Haiti Traffic Update -- Pont Croix-des-Mission an te BLOKE matin Lundi 18 Avril 2016 la avek de Camion plen SAB... Kek moman apre yon radion na Port-au-Prince anounse se yon machin police ki kanpe an kwa sou pont an epi anpeche machin pase... more »

Haiti - Venezuela wants its PetroCaribe Money NOW, Haiti owes 9 million US per month since July

11th PETROCARIBE Ministers Council - Hosted in Haiti Haiti PetroCaribe Update - Venezuela is broke and wants to get paid... Haiti has NOT been making its montly PetroCaribe payments since July 2015, an estimated 9 million US dollars per month is owed since July... more »