Transparency - New Website To Track Haiti Aid Use

In case you were worried about transparency when it comes to all the billions of dollars being pledge for Haiti for reconstruciton, worry no more.... The United Nations has launched a new web site "to ensure the efficient use of the money" they say.

The US Dollar, Some Haitians Call it 'Caesar'

According to an article published in the associated press, this new "Haiti reconstruction dollar monitoring website" has two purposes:

Purpose #1

The first purpose of this new site is to help hold the donors keep their promises.

In other words, every time somebody makes a promise to Haiti, their name and the dollar amount they pledge will be posted on this new site for the world to see.

How's that for transparency?

But wait there's more...

Purpose #2

The second purpose of the web site is to ensure transparency and accountability for the use of the money.

Ah Ha...

Ke-l depanse an Goud, Ke-l Depanse an Dola Amerikin, nou gen pou nou we-l...

I guess it is safe to assume that every penny that is spent on the money for the reconstruction of Haiti will be listed in a very easy to read page on that website so that we know exactly how much each hammer, each nail, and each "Fey Tol" costs in the reconstruction.

I can't wait to see it in action.


If you're interested in finding out how $9 billion is being used in Haiti in the "Reconstruction era" be sure to visit

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Bloobloo says...

hi everyone, first of-all I'm thanking u woody for your job cause it take lots of courage care to do what u doing sorry for the way i mite think you and i know that our government isn't good with money if all this money get into they're hands that's it we're going to be screws big time cause isn't the first time other country donate money to Haiti that's no one knows were the money go, some of you mite say oh no this can't happen cause those big country will want some explanation, that is true but it mite be to late cause if you'll know my government the way i know them, you'll know what they of capable to they always said u can't blame someone if u can't give an idea the way i think they should handle that situation for example if Canada want to build a hospital for Haiti for 1 million dollar the government of Canada hold that money and get to getter with the Haitian government for the area the want the hospital to be built and the Canada now get they're ingenious and hire people and Haiti to build a hospital and also supervise work until it's done so the others should do that way we will get a better Haiti thank

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Miquel Perez says...




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Guerlens Venet says...

bon je l'espere mais c'est pas vraiment la solution on ne connaitre pas les prix des materiels qu'il vont acheter moi j'aime pas les nations unis dans mon pays mon president rene preval veut les interet de notre pays allais dans ces poches avec ses equipes mais je crois que un jour ils vont payer pour ses malfaisant

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Thomas says...

I hope so, but i am still worry, let's wait and see.
But I can assure you woody, we will not see it or know about the expense just like that, Idon't want to be a negative guy like i always say, but i know how my government work, unless there is a serious pernalty threat for those with the light fingers, you know what i am talking about.

Guess what i am still worry, they will find their ways out as always.

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