The Phone System in Haiti - The Rats Got it!!!

How many of you here in the United States would be more than happy to pay for a phone service in your family's home in Haiti if you knew for a fact that you could reach that person anytime?

I am really upset! This is so ridiculous!

My wife is in Haiti and I tried calling her for 12 hours with no success.

NO... Haiti is NOT in the middle of the Sahara Desert... it's right there... about ONE hour from Miami.

Haitian People Listen up!

Everything Haiti Needs to rise up and meet the world has already been invented.

Need I repeat this?

Everything the country needs has already been INVENTED.


For some reason, it seems that some people are right back in the stone age trying to RE-INVENT the TELEPHONE.

We dont have to INVENT a new phone company in Haiti, What we need is an ESTABLISHED company that can GIVE phone service to ANYBODY who can AFFORD it.

We need a company that can provide CHEAP, AFORDABLE telephone service to MILLIONS of HAITIANS all over Haiti.

We need for that comany to be MOTIVATED by how much MONEY she can make.

We DO NOT need a president, nor a DICTATOR in order to have a phone company.

and... and... AND...

If Haitians cannot do it, put your PRIDE aside, and let SOMEBODY ELSE do it.

I am sure there are a lot of companies in the world who would love to get rich at the expense of the Haitian People.

Why not? Let them do it, just give us 24 hour phone service.

Beside it seems haitian businessmen still have a "MOM AND POP corner store" business model anyway... and they seem UNABLE to provice proper SERVICE to a polulation of 8 MILLION.

De pi ayisyen-an fe yon million dola, le rele "anmwe, m-rich" epi li kanpe la. wa di se sa sèlman li te vini akonpli sou latè.

Haiti's Phone Service Stinks!
Why don't they sell it someone who can fix it?

Apparently Teleco cannot do it. I don't care why? we need 24 hour telephone service for EVERY house in haiti who can pay for it. if Teleco cannot provide that service, SELL it to a comany that can.

How can I build a business in Haiti if I cannot be in touch with the world?

Will the Haitian Government listen to the Disapora?
we send ONE BILLION DOLLARS U.S. in Haiti every Year
I think they have ONE BILLION REASONS to listen.

The path through which INFORMATION travels into and out of HAITI needs to be INDEPENDENT from the path through which dictators come and leave the country!

There also needs to be more than one phone company,
this way people can shop around for better deals

I am not talking about cell phones. Their business model will automatically change once there is a QUALITY telephone company in the country providing service "sur toute l'etandu du territoire nationale"

I want good reliable phone service in Haiti, I don't care if it is HAITIAN of FOREIGN.

Haitian Business people needs to get RE-Educated.

Listen to this... it's very simple!

  • Stop thinking you can be successful by ONLY providing a service to the few?
  • Stop providing your service ONLY to those who can afford it.
  • START making it AFORDABLE so everyone can afford it
  • START recognizing that you are not doing us a FAVOR, we are making you money. and we DEMAND your RESPECT.
  • Start TRAINING your staff to work all the time they work.
  • Start TRANING your staff to be nice to your customers... Believe me, any 16 year old who's worked at McDonalds can train an entire staff on customer service on any Corporation in Haiti right now.
  • Start hiring people because of WHAT they know
  • START oferring more service to more people for less money so you can get RICHER!
  • Give people what they want (service), they will give you back what you want (money).
  • You want more money? GIVE US MORE SERVICES!


10,000 Dollars X 10 People = 100,000 dollars
1,000 Dollars X 1,000 people = 1 MILLION dollars
100 Dollars X 100,000 people = 10 MILLION Dollars
25 Dollars X 5,000,000 people = 125 MILLION Dollars
1 Dollar X 8million people X 365 days = 2.9 "B"ILLION Dollars

What does that mean?

  • the less you charge,
  • the more people buy,
  • the more money you make!
  • The better quality service you offer
  • The more your customers brag about you
  • The more money you make

I am not an economist, this is simple math.

Right now, there is only one subject in Haiti, that subject is politics.

maybe we should take all that politics and send it to "Maissade" or "Jean Rabel" so that Port-au-Prince can get back to BUSINESS.

Al batay pou pouvwa you lòt kote, kite biznisman regle zafè biznis yo. bagay sa yo pa mixe

Sometimes, when you can't help yourself, you should forget "YOU" and focus on helping others. I don't know why or how it works, but you always manage to pick yourself up in the process of helping others.

We need people who can come up with ways to build CHEAP AFORDABLE goods and services to provide not just to Haitians but to other nations in the world who are less fortunate than we are.

In order for this to work faster, we have to MOVE one of Haiti's CAPITALS.

  • The POLITICAL capital needs to move out of Port-au-Prince or...
  • The BUSINESS CAPITAL needs to move out!


  • The business capital of New York is Manhattan but Politics is done in Albany.
  • The business capital of Florida is Miami but politics is done in Talahassee.


  • politics dont pay bills
  • politics don't feed people
  • politics cannot get me in touch with my family in Haiti
  • politics cannot clean the streets
  • politics cannot create electricity
  • politics cannot pave streets
  • politics cannot educate people
  • politics is all talk and no action


  • action puts food on the table
  • action feeds people
  • cation fixes phone lines so I can call my family
  • action cleans streets
  • action runs powerlines, fixes generators, creates electricity
  • action can pave streets
  • action can definitely educate people
  • action is all ACTION and no BULL



Written by Woodring Saint Preux

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Mia says...

I appreciate every thing you said

MY Mom took my sons for (2) weeks.

Not one single phone

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Lavenir Elie says...

I came across your writing while doing research on the subject of telephone in Haiti.

I was reading about the ex-employees of teleco staging protests against privatization, I do understand the feelings of someone who looses his job and does not know how to find another one, although I have never found myself in that situation.

The telephone system in Haiti has never functioned from the time I first was aware of it while I was growing up in Port-au-prince to the present time.How can you keep a company that does exactly the opposite of what it was founded to do?

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Topic says...

I totally agree with the article, but I don't think telephone will be the first thing to target in Haiti.

Remember, we can leave without the phone but, we definitely can't leave without water, and electricity.

keep up the the good work.

Thank you,

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Topic says...

Mr. St. Preux,

Would you please e-mail or fax this article directly to the new general director of TELECO.

Hopefully, this technocrat will take notice.

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Topic says...

I agree 100% with you. our haitian community sems to only care about politics right now that it's disgusting to me. I would love to call my family members back home without having to try so many times before getting through.

I would hope that this article get to our so-called leaders back home so that they can take your ideas into consideration.

we in this community needs to stop thinking about getting rich off our contry, instead we need think ofhow to make our contry richer, so that when we do retired from old age we know that we have a beautiful country where we can go back to live and enjoy

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