The New Haitian Army - First Mission: Build Roads

Petite Rivere de L'Aritibonite - What if Haiti had a military force that was actively involved in nation building? SMILE... It looks like this is what Haitian Defense Minister Jean-Rodolphe Joazile has in mind...

In case you were thinking that the new Haitian army will be in the "KRAZE ZO" business, think again...

Haitian Defense Minister Jean-Rodolphe Joazile says:

"Haiti's needs are not in the infantry but in technical service. The country is in a state of reconstruction. We need mechanics."

The first batch of what will become the new Force Armee d'Haiti have returned from eight months of training in Ecuador. Their first task is building roads. They will tackle Route Nationale #1 and a road from a northern beach resort, the Associated Press says.

These new recruits include 30 soldiers, 10 engineers and one officer.

Here are a couple of things you need to know about the these new recruits:

1 - They are not based in Port-au-Prince but in Petite Riviere de L'Artibonite, a small rice town in the Artibonite region, quite a distance from daily Haitian politics.

2 - They will not be carrying any weapons for now, maybe a hand gun but "no GWO zam fann fwa"

If the Haitian leaders truly want to build a army of professionals who can efficiently master the skills to help build a better country, I don't think the people will have any problem with that. in fact I think it will help to heal a big wound in our history.

After all, we do not have any enemies (that we can fight) so an army of professionals is a darn good idea...

Come to think of it... It would be interesting if the people in charge of building a new Haiti were actually "FOLLOWING ORDERS"

Order: Go fix the road...
Response: SIR YES SIR...

What do you think about that?

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Herold Cophy says...

I cant understand why some of country don't like Haitian army. For my answer, yes we need Haitian army we don't like army from another country special herold cophy

I need Haitian army we don't like army from any them country.

my plan to take over my country one day that's my plan and bring Haitian force strong to protect The border against intervention with how ever the country we need power for Haiti no UN no military from any them country

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Gerda Tuck says...

Haiti doesn't need an army but a well trained police force.

Instead of spending money on an army, the government should hire the labour force to rebuild roads and other national infrastructures and invest mainly in education because a country with 70% illiterates can't progress at all. Haïti should take Costa Rica as an example.

They got rid of their army long ago and invested in education.

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Calixte Guerrier says...

I don't know anything about Nation Building, but I know about a professional Army, so they can build bridge, roads, and to develop the country into positive and
that's my plan as next president.

Sign Calixte Guerrier, Former Army
Man, Former candidate for

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Bouger says...

A mon avis, le President aurait cree une force transitoire (la police militaire) pour une periode d une annee au plus, avant d avoir entame une nouvelle Force Armee

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Olgy says...

That's pretty much an execellent idea to create an army of professional, because technical skills are what the country needs for this moment.

Along the way of construction, we can fill the gap with a strong, well organized

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Patrick Princivil says...

May this army don't change in kidnapping, chimè, loup-garou, zobop, free-mason, tonton makoutes, bizango.

Pou kisa nap anmekdé bouda nou konsa

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Frantz Lubin says...

I think you're sadly dreaming if you think that this 9 million dollar army has been resurrected just to fix the roads and play nice in Haiti.

You need to take a moment and review your notes on Haitian history and look at the fact that we have a right wing regime in power with advisers from the Duvalier regime.

This isn't the Haitian Army Corp of Engineers but a simple ploy to keep the tensions down at the onset of this unpopular plan. I can think of two dozen ways to spend 9Million dollars in the poorest country in the Americas.

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