The Life Manual

What if you woke up every day and you knew exactly what you had to do?

What if you knew all the challenges ahead and how to deal with them?

What if you had the perfect solution for every problem?

What if you came with a manual?

Let me tell you what happened to mine...


On the day of my birth,
In the womb of mother,
My life manual I left.
No! I did not bother.

I was in a new world.
At first, I lived for free.
Cried for seconds and thirds.
Why not? You must agree.

A short time, then I knew
When life is good, time flies.
A short time, then I grew.
Short time! I realized

My life manual! My God!
I can't get it! Too late.
If I knew life was odd,
How? Can't communicate!

I must contact Brother,
Tell him not to forget.
Just a little harder.
The manual! Or you'll regret!

Life is not easy.
For a simple living,
I find myself busy
Working, working, working.

Live life to the fullest?
I really wish I could.
If this life is a test,
I am not in the mood.

Kneel down and prayed to God
One more miracle please!
My life manual, dear God!
Cure me from this disease!

No answer, must go on.
As long as we still breath,
Our life is not yet gone.
Forget the manual, please

I hope this is a test.
I'll know when I get there.
The second chance I get,
I won't forget, I swear.

© by Woodring Saint Preux

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Topic says...

Tous les jours de notre vie, il faut toujours une comprehention a notre chere patrie, cette haiti a qui nous devons, respect,attachement, vivacite,perseverance, fidelite sans pour autant se defaire des obligations que nous avons en l'endroit de nos enfants.Mais un jour, est-ce que vous avez pense a vous demander ce que vous avez deja affert a ce pays. ce pays qui vous a accepte avec tous vos defauts, vos mauvaises manieres et vos bonnes habitudes.Nous faisons semblant de tout oublier, nos vieilles coutumes, nos aspirations que nos ancetres nous ont leguees comme heritage.

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Topic says...


je tiens à vous faire savoir les faits suivants.

je suis très content quand j'ai vu bouger la musique de mon pays.

Recevez toutes mes salutations.

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Topic says...

I very content that's you sent this life Manual to me, but I don't have no time today I like that I will talk to later, my beautiful Haitain

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