The Haitian Social Revolution... On your Mark!...

" Let us fight to remove that BIG FAT STICKER in our county's forehead... the sticker that says 'Haiti, The Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere' "

- Woodring Saint Preux -

I don't know if you remember a while ago, I proposed a Haitian Social Revolution.

It is not the type of revolution that uses guns and "Pè Lebren"; it is the type of revolution that is fought with the mind.

The Haitian Social Revolution!
It is Happening?

I know that there is a cloud of smoke covering our beloved Haiti. It is so thick that we can barely see the good deeds that some our Haitian Brothers and Sisters are doing.

Haiti does NOT need political heroes anymore.
Politics does not bring about SOCIAL CHANGES.

We've tried that for 200 years. Let's face it... PLAN 'A' Sucks!

Haiti needs

  • Role Models,
  • Great Minds,
  • Inventors,
  • Scientist,
  • Doctors,
  • Educators,
  • Social Activists,
  • Biologists.

Haiti needs

  • Research Centers,
  • Universities,
  • Jobs,
  • Businessmen and women.

Most importantly,

  • Haitians all over the world need to have a Single Common Vision, Something so big that it will take a lifetime to acomplish.

If we can jumpstart the country and get it rolling, who cares who's president.

I don't think the Americans care who's president as long as unemployment is low and crime rate is at a record low.

If we can bring about social changes then the people will turn around and force the politicians to make all the necessary laws. Laws to protect us and our interests.

If we can bring about social changes, then the mob (Mass Pèp La) will stop complaining about being hungry and being poor.

Being hungry and poor is not a problem that needs to be addressed, it is a disease that needs to be cured.

This message goes out to...
All the rich people living in Haiti...

If you help the poor, you will become richer.

Think about it.

  • If you educate them, they will buy books that you publish from bookstores that you own
  • If you help them upgrade their lifestyles, they will have demands that you will supply
  • If every Haitian household across the nation has a refrigerator, a microware oven, a television set, a VCR, etc... then they will have new demands that you will supply.

So, if you don't think it's a good idea to jumpstart Haiti, think again.

If you don't want to do it for love, do it for your pocket.

I was speaking to a Haitian colleage and he mention something that really cought my attention.

He refered to the modern Haitian (well some of them) as the "Nouveau Toussaint Louverture"

You see... It is because of Toussaint Louverture's VISION that we can call ourselves FREE today.

It is because others believed in that vision that Haiti became a FREE country.

When I hear my people talking about networking, that makes me proud. that means we have finally realized it is a MUST that all Haitians UNITE and fight for a SINGLE purpose.

You're probably sitting here asking yourself "Will Haiti ever Change? Will things ever get better?"

The Good News Is...

The Young Haitian Generation living abroad is more aware, more involved, and more proud of their Haitian Heritage than you think.

This generation is now graduating College, virtually every college campus with just a handful of Haitian students have a Haitian Club. That means they are organized as a group and they are sticking together.

This message goes out to...
The young Haitian-American Generation...
May I call you "The Fouye! Generation?....

Do you realize that life is getting more and more expensive in the United States?

Real estate is getting more and more expensive everyday.

A time will come when you will find out that Haiti is the best stategic location for Haitian-American Businessmen.

  • It's one hour away from the shores of the United States.
  • It already has an infrastructure whereby your children can get an American High School Diploma in Haiti and come straight to college in the US.
  • With the power of the internet, You have the ability to run a virtual office from Haiti and have your checks mailed to you. (It's the Information age)
  • PLUS... At home, We can be Kings and we can live like Kings!

Fouye! Generation... Realize this...

All the pieces of the puzzle are already there, all we have to do is put them together.

The only thing that the world knows about Haiti right now is that it was once a paradise and now it is a political mess; the poorest country in the western Hemisphere.

I am here to tell you that Haiti is STILL a paradise; it is us Haitians who are too blind to notice it.

Fouye! Generation... Realize this...

The most valuable pieces of real estate in Haiti is along it's shores. Right now, it's ugly, that's where the slums are located. 90% of it is out of reach.

What if it was? How much would that real estate be worth?

Fouye! Generation, Realize this...

Haiti is sitting on "Acres of Diamonds", Please understand that. We all run to other countries looking for a better life. in the mean time, other people come into our country to build fortunes.

Open your eyes kids...
Open your eyes...

L'Union Fait La Force... We've been saying it for 200 years but we have not been practicing it...

This message goes out to...

Haiti is just a piece of land. The blue and the red, they are just cloth.


When that BLUE and that RED are stitched together and raised up in a pole on that piece of land that we call HAITI, it becomes a symbol that stands for "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF HAITI"


That's what it sounds like and
that's what it feels like
when ALL OF US voice
ONE opinion
for ONE single purpose

Let's do it...

I guarantee you... The whole world will hear you, God will hear you... and they will take you seriously!

If we must stick together and fight for a single purpose, then it is absolutely necessary that we define that purpose.

I have a couple of suggestions:

Let us fight to remove that BIG FAT STICKER in our country's forehead... the sticker that says "Haiti, The Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere".

I really hate that and I am sure you do too...

Let us restore the pride of our country...

  • Haiti, La Perle Des Antilles
  • Haiti, The richest Island in the Carribbean
  • Haiti, The First Black Nation In The World
  • Haiti, the symbol of FREEDOM since 1084

This Message goes out to...
My generation...

Location... Location... Location...

Haiti is in the BEST POSSIBLE LOCATION in the world right now, Haiti is only one hour away from the bigest and most powerful country in the world.

Some countries would die for that opportunity!

What are we going to do about that?

Let us be remembered as the generation who made the biggest impact in our history.

Let us be remembered as the generation who turned Haiti into a Roman Empire!

Maybe I am Nuts!

Hey! You have to be a little nuts in this world if you want to make a difference.

May God let me live long enough to see it happen.

May God give me the strength and the knowledge to be a part of it.


I don't know why I love my country, i just do and that's all that matters.

Love Your Country! Make a Difference!

Written by: Woodring Saint Preux

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