The Haitian Media: Opinion Journalism OR Objective News Reporting?

It is becoming more and more difficult to find objective (neutral, nonpartisan) news about Haiti in the Haitian media. The majority of news reports about coming from Haiti are opinion journalism. Many journalists in Haiti take sides, they only report the news that justifies their side of the story...

Breaking News From Haiti
Breaking News From Haiti

I am not even talking about the PROPAGANDISTS who disguise themselves as news media to feed the population with INFLATED news... Especially in politics...

Sometimes, as a reader, I like to be informed about WHAT is happening and I like to form my own opinion. But, many times when reading a Haitian news article, the opinion is ALREADY embedded in the article.

Have you ever been reading a Haiti news story and you suddenly start to get upset?

Have you ever realize afterwards that the person who wrote the article wants you to be upset?

Sometimes I feel like journalists in Haiti are the fourth branch of Government... Many media outlets in Haiti are in the OPPOSITION... how can they report the news objectively?

What do you think about that?

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H Senatus says...

I am frustrating when reading or listening news in Haiti.

Therefore, I am no longer listen to any haiti

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