The Haitian Man With a VISA... Should I Stay or Should I GO?

I asked a Haitian man with a VISA: "So... When to you plan to take a trip to the United States?" His reply made me think... Guess what the man said to me...

"Mwen te anvi ale vre wi men le-m refleshi konbyen lajan map bezwen pou vwayaj la: kob ticket Nouyok, kob posh, monche, mwen deside plante 6,000 plan bannann pito, sou de kawo te, ak lajan saa..."

"Le-m vann bannann sa yo, mwen ka fe menm 200 a 300 mil goud profi sou yo..."


I wanted to take a trip to the U.S. recently but once I realized how much money I will need for my trip: Ticket to New York, pocket money, etc... I decided to use the money instead to plant 6,000 plantain trees on my land instead with that money...

After the harvest, I expect to make between 200,000 and 300,000 gourde profit...

Hmmm... Interesting...

What do you think about that?

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Nufaze says...

Si'm te di l ou pata kwe-m.


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Marie says...

I wish all haitians in haiti with a visa think like

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Sonia says...

I'm proud of him. US is not like it use to be now. I'm thinking of going home myself, God willing.

I wish him the

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Negbelair says...

All I've got to say is wow cause back in the days this man would've sold his land, his house if he had one and everything else in between to come to the US, but now the pages have turned.

A Haitian farmer does not want to bother to come to the US kinda make you think how people view the US now cause it certainly has gotten me

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Ti Pie says...

Mwen fout dako, plante bannan pito olye pouw al gaspiye lajan nan lot peyi. Si tout haitian te panse konsa plis moun ta jwen manje pou yo manje a bon

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Suze says...

He does not seem committed to travel.

I think that working the land will benefit him more, not only in earnings but in personal

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Kreyolman says...

i'm down with Marc Evans on this. with some of the profit, he can travel and continue his plantain

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Marc Evens says...

That's a good this guy thinking business, but I think he save a part of the profit to travel to the states or to do some local tourism because it's very good to enjoy yourself also. Life is not only earning

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Haitian Sensation says...

That is what I call a smart

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