The Haitian Diaspora is broke, it's effect on the Haitian Economy

Haitians in Haiti are discovering more and more that less money is coming from the Diaspora, something that translates into less spending money in a country where prices are on the UP side...

We spoke to a few people in the diaspora to try to understand why they are unable to send the money they used to send to Haiti before. There are a few reasons for that:

1 - Many Haitians from diaspora are retiring and that means lest spending money and less transfer of money back home.

One retired Haitian in the USA said: "My retirement money is not even enough for me to pay my rent, How can I send money to people in Haiti?"

2 - Many Haitians in the diaspora are making less money they they used to.

3 - More Responsibility, more bills, Rise in the cost of living...

How does that affect the Haitian Economy.

I hate to say this but... There are many people in Haiti who build a lifestyle on the back of hard working Haitians in the Diaspora. They live, eat, sleep and party with diaspora money... That's their only source of income... So when the Diaspora breadwinner who used to send the money is suddenly unable to send the same amount or worse no money at all, the family member at home is caught with two feet in one shoe

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