The Haitian Constitution Says You Are NOT Haitian!

I wanted to bring this to your attention. I figured since Haiti is in a very strange corner right now, all of us concerned citizens should really think about this.

According to the Haitian Constitution, Haitians living in the "Diaspora" are not really Haitians.

That's right...

  • We who break our backs to send money to Haiti...
  • We who break our backs to take care of loved ones in haiti...
  • We who give up our pride in exchange for a paycheck...
  • We who constantly pump the "Green Back" in the Haitian economy...
  • We who keep Haiti alive throughout all the embargoes...
  • We are not Haitian!

Do you believe this?

Believe it...

Here is what The Haitian Constitution says...

Haitian Constitution :: Chapter II :: Title II

Haitian nationality is lost by:

a. Naturalization in a foreign country;

b. Holding a political post in the service of a foreign country;

c. Continuous residence abroad of a naturalized Haitian without duly granted authorization by a competent official.

Anyone who loses his nationality in this manner may not reacquire it.

Haitian Constitution :: Chapter II :: Title II

Dual Haitian and foreign nationality - Dual Citizenship - is in no case permitted.

This is Crap!
It needs to be amended!

What does that mean for all of us who live abroad and who really love our country?

It means the country we love so much - Haiti - is no longer ours because "Simon Sez You're not Haitian".

Unless we can do something about...

Ahhhhhhhh... Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Yep! We need to have a chat with Simon!

Haiti needs all of her children including the 25% and their offsprings who live in foreign soil.

As a matter of fact, I believe that the future of Haiti lies in the hands of the Haitian generation growing up outside of Haiti.

Now... If only I could find "Simon!"

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