The Haitian Constitution Says You Are NOT Haitian!

I wanted to bring this to your attention. I figured since Haiti is in a very strange corner right now, all of us concerned citizens should really think about this.

According to the Haitian Constitution, Haitians living in the "Diaspora" are not really Haitians.

That's right...

  • We who break our backs to send money to Haiti...
  • We who break our backs to take care of loved ones in haiti...
  • We who give up our pride in exchange for a paycheck...
  • We who constantly pump the "Green Back" in the Haitian economy...
  • We who keep Haiti alive throughout all the embargoes...
  • We are not Haitian!

Do you believe this?

Believe it...

Here is what The Haitian Constitution says...

Haitian Constitution :: Chapter II :: Title II

Haitian nationality is lost by:

a. Naturalization in a foreign country;

b. Holding a political post in the service of a foreign country;

c. Continuous residence abroad of a naturalized Haitian without duly granted authorization by a competent official.

Anyone who loses his nationality in this manner may not reacquire it.

Haitian Constitution :: Chapter II :: Title II

Dual Haitian and foreign nationality - Dual Citizenship - is in no case permitted.

This is Crap!
It needs to be amended!

What does that mean for all of us who live abroad and who really love our country?

It means the country we love so much - Haiti - is no longer ours because "Simon Sez You're not Haitian".

Unless we can do something about...

Ahhhhhhhh... Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Yep! We need to have a chat with Simon!

Haiti needs all of her children including the 25% and their offsprings who live in foreign soil.

As a matter of fact, I believe that the future of Haiti lies in the hands of the Haitian generation growing up outside of Haiti.

Now... If only I could find "Simon!"

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Haitimoney says...

Dear: Haiti

Haiti cherie these socalled Haitian politician who live in Haiti this day an age can't help you get out of this situation that you in right now, those Haitian been there for over 200 years, you look at yourself see if those socalled Haitian can help you, let me tell you slowly no....

They can't because they don't have any vision and they not built for this, and they are not leaders they can't lead, one thing they know how to do and good for is to steal from you, Haiti cherie do yourself a favor change the CONSTITUTION this is the only way we can move forward, out of the situation we need someone the world can trust and we can trust, which have nothing to do with class, we need to stop this, this way of thinking

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Garry says...

It is an undisputable fact that the haitian constitution needs to undergo some serious changes.

Among them the dual citizenship problem.

The haitian constitution does not recognize dual citizenship while tha Haitians who live abroad, naturalized or not, are the ones keeping Haiti viable as a country, We need to have a constitution like Israel where aal those who are born from Haitian parent(s) are automatically recognized as citizens and so should Haitians who are naturalized but dcide to have a dual

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Topic says...

I am not going to disagree with your reasoning, but I will correct one part of your statement.

To get the U.S. government to pay for your education does not require you to become a US citizen just a point of clarification.

As of today to get your education paid for by the government you must show that you are a legal resident, a citizen or have some type of political asylum status with financial needs meaning that you need to be almost broke, or your parents have to be making almost next to nothing to get free money.

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Topic says...

I just want to tell you that I work for the U.S. government.

My job required me to be a U.S. citizen in order to maintain it. Now do you try to tell me that I should have chosen my Haitian Nationality over getting a job so I could earn a living that would benefit myself, my children, my wise, and even those relatives that I left behind in Haiti?

In addition to that, to get my university paid by the government, U.S. citizenship was "a must".

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Topic says...

If you felt so strongly about becoming president of Haiti or keeping your Haitian nationality why did you give it up so quickly?

It is funny the way we are quoting what the U.S constitution says but ignoring their actions toward the Haitians/Haiti.

How soon we forget how they treated us back in the days (70's, 80's, and 90's) and how they still see us right now. If you don't understand what I am talking about it's RESEARCH TIME!

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Topic says...

According to the constitution we are not Haitians.

In a way the constitution is right because without even thinking some of us turn our back on Haiti and rejected our Haitian nationality to become citizen of other countries that are "bigger, and better" than Haiti.

If I was Haiti I would deny you that right too because you have abandon me for someone else.

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Topic says...

The constitutants of the Haitian constitution do not convince me that they were neither guided by an ethic professional nor qualified to assume this important responsibility.Many articles in the Haitian constitution do not make any sense to me. I believe that people in the diaspora community need to stand up and advocate for many amendments of this constitution.

I do not want to single out any non-sense articles in the constitution; however, to make my point let's considere this for instance: In the U.S. Constitution, one of the criteria to run for president is to be "born in the U.S." On the other hand, the Haitian constitution says that you cannot hold any government job in Haiti in you have a dual citizenship.

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Topic says...

Like most of the Haitian constitution this article is written to fulfill certain group interest who were the so call ruler of the nation at the time and it is design to fulfil their agenda not the population as a whole.

As we all know that Haiti is a lawless place and it has been for a long time and even longer then this constitution.

As Haitian I hope of a day when we can put law into application and generated law that can better us as people.

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Topic says...

What Simon said is true. Diasporas who lost their citizen ships of Haiti are only the Haitians Americans.

That means you cannot vote, run for office or become president of Haiti.

Look at it on the bright side. You're still Haitian with more advantages than none Haitian Americans.

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Topic says...

This article was great woodring.

Its just pure nonsense that we in the Diaspora who are killing ourselves to send aid and help to our country are not considered Haitians.

Haiti would not last 3 months if the Diaspora placed an embargo so to speak by not sending goods, materials, money, etc. This past emergency that just happened with the flood who helped the Haitians?

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