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Trouble in Cap-Haitien, Tropicana spokesperson dies in a political meeting hosted by Senators Youri Latortue and Jacques Sauveur Jean

PHOTO: Incident at Cafe Trio, Cap-Haitien, Tropicana's Jacques Dubois dies There was a major incident in Cafe Trio in Cap Haitien Saturday. During a political meeting in an overcrowded room, unknown individuals allegedly threw tear gas inside and the chaos that followed caused the death of Jacques Dubois, a local radio host and spokesperson for Tropicana music band, and left dozens causes severely irritated from tear gas exposure. more »

FLASH... Haiti - Andre Michel and Newton Saint Juste in Dificulty in Gonaives, Saturday 13 Dec 2014

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Breaking News... Haitian political activist Lawyers Andre Michel and Newton Saint Juste are in Great difficulty in the city of Gonaives Haiti... A group of people attacked them inside of a Radio station while they were participating in a radio show... more »