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The "Wyclef Got Shot" Saga Continues... New CNN Video!

Wyclef Jean Live, Hot 97 On The Reggae Tip The "Wyclef Got Shot" Saga Continues... more »

Wyclef Speaks To The Associated Press About Being Shot In Haiti

60 minutes with wyclef jean There were reports that Singer Wyclef Jean got shot in Haiti the night before election day. We have some updates for you about this Wyclef shooting incident... more »

Claudinette Jean, wife of Rapper Wyclef Jean, helps the people of Haiti

Wyclef Jean, his wife Claudinette and daughter Angelina -  Wyclef gets key to the City of Brooklyn One year after the Haiti earthquakes, Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean, wife of rap superstar Wyclef Jean, continues working to help the people of Haiti. more »

Oprah And Other Hollywood Celebs Want To Help Haiti

Oprah Helps in Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts Many Hollywood celebrities have joined the campaign to help in the Haiti earthquake and relief efforts. more »

Wyclef adopts Haitian baby daughter Angelina

Haitian rap legend Wyclef Jean and his wife Marie Claudinette have just brought home their new baby daughter Angelina Claudinelle whom they adopted from their native Haiti. more »