Waterfalls in Haiti

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Bassin Zim Water Fall - The New Hangout Spot in Haiti

Bassin Zim - Hanging out in Haiti Plateau Central Haiti is the spot where everyone wants to build a home. The Bassin Zim Waterfall outside Hinche Haiti is the new hot spot in the Plateau Central where everyone wants to hangout. more »

Haiti Saut-d'Eau Waterfall is Running out of Water

Saut-d'Eau Waterfall Haiti - Tourist attractions, places to visit when in Haiti Shocking but True... Haiti's mystical waterfall, Seau-d'Eau is running out of water... How the hell did this happen? more »

Haiti: Hinche and Bassin Zim, Talks of Tourism Is In the Air

The old Catholic church In Hinche Haiti, this is the oldest cathedral in Island I kept thinking that the Basin Zim water fall is all we got in Hinche as far as tourism is concerned... Little did I know... There was a tourist destination right under my nose! more »