Ti Machann in Haiti

Haitians Citizens complain ongoing street protests interfere with their day to day life

Various Haitian citizens are complaining on the radio saying that had enough of all these street protests. "I am stuck in my house, I cannot work, I cannot make money and it is annoying," one resident told a journalist.

Haitian Ti Machanns complain they got robbed during Tuesday Manifestation

Haitian street vendors (Ti Machanns) complain they were robbed during the opposition street protest Tuesday...

True Haiti Stories: The Machann Fritay and the Airport Baggage Handler

The other day I went to Haiti International airport and witness a Haitian baggage handler turning down a 25 gourdes tip insisting that he gets two Dollars US... And for what? For snatching a bag out of the hands of a teenager, the daughter of a poor young lady who rode on public transportation from a Haiti province town to pick her up at the airport.

Do you think of Haitian STREET Vendors as Entrepreneurs?

In Haiti, jobs are rare and many Haitian men and women resort hustling in the streets for a living. Do you think of them as entrepreneurs or something else?