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Michael B. Jordan sends love to Naomi Osaka after she named him her Celebrity Crush (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger) Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka told talk show hose Ellen DeGeneres her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, the villain Erik Killmonger in the movie Black Panther. The actor sent his love to Osaka. Watch the video... more »

VIDEO: Ellen Plays Matchmaker for Naomi Osaka and Michael B. Jordan

Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with Naomi Osaka and sent it to actor Michael B. Jordan You know you're a star when Ellen DeGeneres is trying to hook you up with Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan... That's what happened to Haitian-Japanese star Naomi Osaka on The Ellen Show. Watch the video... more »