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Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to ALL Haitians in the Diaspora

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Despite all the problems back home, Haitians in the U.S. Diaspora will enjoy time OFF with family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend. Let me take this time to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving 2018 to your and yours... more »

My Family is enjoying Thanksgiving in New York, I am in Haiti eating Poul Di... Not Fair!

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey It's Thanksgiving... and I am sad... I just spoke my mom and dad in New York, my brothers and sisters, they are all getting ready to eat that thanksgiving turkey... Me, I am in Haiti, eating Poul Di... That's not fair... :( more »

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 to my Haitians in the Diaspora!

How to cook Turkey like a Haitian To all my Haitians in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving... Happy Turkey Day as some of you like to say... Having lived in the diaspora for a while I know Thanksgiving day is one of the few days you get to eat a big meal together with family members scattered all over the states... Enjoy it... Happy Thanksgiving... more »

3 Turkeys TOUTOUNI... It's an Oven for God Sakes!

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Mezanmi... Me 3 Turkey yo pran OVEN lakay zanmi-a yo fe li tounen yon TANNING SALON... O! Jezu... Yo kouche la-a TOUTOUNI, y-ap pran couleurrrrrr... more »

3 Turkeys TOUTOUNI... What Is This?

Thanksgiving Dinner - Frozen Turkey Mesye... M'ale lakay yon zanmi, Mwen wè 3 turkey kouche TOUTOUNI nan yon chodye... more »

How to cook Thanksgiving Turkey like a Haitian - A Thanksgiving Joke

How to cook Turkey like a Haitian How to cook Thanksgiving Turkey like a Haitian. more »

Thanksgiving Haitian Style!

How to cook Turkey like a Haitian By the way, if you don't read this entire article, you will miss a good joke! more »