Superstition in Haiti

Does Superstition play a BIG role in the non-development of Haiti and the Haitian mindset?

99.9 percent of the Haitians are superstitious. I was surprised to be listening to a famous journalist in Haiti yesterday who thinks it is normal for people to die during the carnival season because, superstitiously speaking, it has to happen. SAY WHAT???

In Haiti, LOUGAROUs and the Government is blamed for every freaking thing!

Imagine that... A baby is crying all day and all night, she is not eating, she just keeps on crying. The family refuses to take her to a hospital. Instead, they think it's some poor lougarou neighbor trying to suck the blood of the baby.

Haitian Beliefs - The Butterfly and my Dead Grandmother, Part 2

Yep... Haitians ARE VERY superstitious! Did you read my story about The Butterfly And My Dead Grandmother? This is part 2... A True story about my little breakfast incident the morning after... Welcome to the Twilight Zone! LOL...

Haitian Beliefs - The Butterfly and my Dead Grandmother

Why are some people so superstitious in Haiti? I woke up this morning and found a big ugly butterfly perched on my laptop screen... I thought nothing of it... Maybe it's because I've been away from Haiti for too long...