Superstition in Haiti

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Does Superstition play a BIG role in the non-development of Haiti and the Haitian mindset?

The Haitian Mentality, Jesus... 99.9 percent of the Haitians are superstitious. I was surprised to be listening to a famous journalist in Haiti yesterday who thinks it is normal for people to die during the carnival season because, superstitiously speaking, it has to happen. SAY WHAT??? more »

In Haiti, LOUGAROUs and the Government is blamed for every freaking thing!

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa Imagine that... A baby is crying all day and all night, she is not eating, she just keeps on crying. The family refuses to take her to a hospital. Instead, they think it's some poor lougarou neighbor trying to suck the blood of the baby. more »

Haitian Beliefs - The Butterfly and my Dead Grandmother, Part 2

things that make you go hmmm Yep... Haitians ARE VERY superstitious! Did you read my story about The Butterfly And My Dead Grandmother? This is part 2... A True story about my little breakfast incident the morning after... Welcome to the Twilight Zone! LOL... more »

Haitian Beliefs - The Butterfly and my Dead Grandmother

things that make you go hmmm Why are some people so superstitious in Haiti? I woke up this morning and found a big ugly butterfly perched on my laptop screen... I thought nothing of it... Maybe it's because I've been away from Haiti for too long... more »