Slavery in Haiti

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Kanye West says slavery was a choice, responders slap HAITI in his face!

Does Kanye West know about the Haitian Revolution? American rapper Kanye West made a comment on TMZ about slavery that lit twitter on fire sending Kanye back to school to learn about the Haitian Revolution... Kanye west said slavery was a choice... Say What??? more »

France to Cancel Haiti's Debt, President Francois Hollande said

Francois Hollande - France President President Francois Hollande announced Sunday, during the official unveiling of the Memorial ACTe in Point-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe, that France will cancel all of Haiti's debt... more »

40 Acres and a Mule for each Haitian Family of Ex-Slaves LOL...

Haiti France Reparations Controversy In January 1865 U.S. Civil War General William Sherman ordered that former slaves be given 40 acres and a mule for each family... How did this end up in an article about France being sued over slavery in Haiti? more »

$21 billion lawsuit for Slavery in Haiti to be Filed Against France

Haiti France Reparations Controversy A racism watchdog group in France announced Friday it will file a legal suit against the Caisse des Depots (CDC) bank over its role in the slave trade in Haiti... French President Francois Hollande says "What has been, has been" more »