Sexual Abuse in Haiti

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American Missionary who lived in Haiti sentenced to 23 years for child sex abuse

There are many missionaries who go to Haiti everyday but not all of them go with the in intention to spread the gospel and help the little children. One of those missionaries from Virginia who lived in Haiti for more than a decade has been just sentenced to 23 years in prison for child sexual abuse in Haiti. more »

BIG problem in Haiti, grown ass men have no respect for little girls

Mad Haitian There is something happening in Haiti that really bothers me, I hear it too much, stories about grown ass men and little girls... It bothers me... more »

21 Haitian Men Suing Fairfield University For Sexual Abuse

Father Paul Carrier, The Haiti Douglas Perlitz Sexual Scandal This just in... Fairfield University (Fairfield CT) is being sued by Twenty-one Haitian men for sexual abuse they suffered as children in a school in Cap-Haitien Haiti founded by Douglas Perlitz, a University alumni and convicted pedophile... more »