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Haiti Justice - Danton Leger wants INTERPOL to Arrest and Ship Roro Nelson back to Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - RORO Nelson vs. Jean Danton Leger Haiti Justice Update -- Commissaire du Gouvernement Danton Leger was shocked to see Ronald 'Roro' Nelson on TV in Miami enjoying the Haitian Compas Festival alongside ex president Michel Martelly when there was a travel restriction on him in Haiti... Danton Leger is seeking the help of INTERPOL for the arrest and extradition of Roro Nelson back to Haiti... more »

Haiti Justice - RORO Nelson NO Show at Parquet de Port-au-Prince Monday, New Travel BAN Issued Againts Him

PHOTO: Haiti - RORO Nelson vs. Jean Danton Leger President Martelly's Friend Ronald 'RORO' Nelson disobeyed a direct order by public prosecutor Jean Danton Leger to appear at parquet de Port-au-Prince for questioning... A new travel ban has been issued against him... more »

Haiti Politics - ARNEL Belizaire di l ap Arete RORO Nelson ka menm

Haiti - Arnel Belizaire vs. Roro Nelson Tande koze nan La Repiblik... Ancien Depute Arnel Belizaire fe konnen ke li gen pou ARETE Roro Nelson ka menm... more »