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WOW... I wish this was the new Haiti Route Nationale No. 8, Etang Saumatre, Malpasse...

Voici la route la plus chère de France Look at this picture... The first thing that came to my mind was: "Wow... is this the new Haiti Route Nationale # 8 that will connect Croix-des-Bouquets, going over Etang Saumâtre and terminate at the Malpasse border crossing with the Dominican Republic?" more »

Haiti In Living Color... She Looks Beautiful...

Beautiful Haiti picture - My iPad Background Look at this picture of Haiti... I like this picture so much that I made it the background photo on my ipad. It is beautiful, isn't it? more »

Haiti Roads - Hinche to Thomassique, A Driver's Punishment

Haiti Dirt Roads - Hinche To Thomassique There are two sides to this article: more »

Haiti: Paved Roads All The Way To The Most Remote Border Town

Interstate 93 Boston MA - I93-I95 Interchange Haiti is open for business... It's a great concept. I love it... But i have one piece of advice... more »

Elevated Roads Are Coming Haiti

An Eleveted Road In Santiago, Domincan Republic Imagine driving over 'Kafou Aeroport' in Delmas Haiti... Imagine no more... In the very near future, Haitian motorists may be driving OVER some of the most congested intersections in Port-au-Prince. more »

Haiti - Need more roads

An Eleveted Road In Santiago, Domincan Republic Okeyyyyy... Now we need... Hmmmm... We need to think of a way to get get tourists from the airport... to these Hotels... to our beaches... and back... and forth... without going through busy little street corners like 'Kafou Aeroport' more »

Haiti Travel - Smooth Road from Nan Papaye To Bassin Zim

Haiti Tourism - New Road Fron Papaye to Bassin Zim Water Fall Behold the new road to Bassin Zim... Soon The Bassin Zim Water fall near Hinche Haiti will be tourist destination that tourists can actually get to... This morning, I drove from Nan Papaye to the Bassin Zim water fall in 15 minutes flat. The road is fully prepped and awaiting a pavement. more »