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Muhammad Ali once met Haiti President Rene Preval and gave him this Advice

Muhammad Ali and President Rene Preval Rene Preval once met with Muhammad Ali and learned from him a very important lesson he later shared with Senator Joseph Lambert. Senator Lambert tells the story: more »

HAITI: BOGUS News Spreading about President Rene Preval "Poisoned" USA Autopsy Findings

Rene Preval - Former President Of Haiti Haitians Beware... There is a BOGUS news spreading on the Internet social media networks about a "Latest autopsy conducted in the United States" that revealed President Rene Preval died of food poisoning... We did some investigating, the news source is NOT credible... more »

Former Haiti President Peval says UN tried to remove him from power BEFORE his term was over

Rene Preval - Former President Of Haiti M'gen zen pou ou pitit... In the documentary Fatal Assistance by Raoul Peck, former Haiti president, Rene Preval, says the United Nations tried to remove him from Haiti before his term was over... WHAT??? Wi pitit... Edmond Mulet di Preval ou MANTI... more »

The day Angelina Jolie Met with President Preval in Haiti

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt in Haiti On Saturday, June 19, 2010 , Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie flew to Haiti where he met with Haitian president Rene Preval. more »