I experienced Sabbath while visiting an Adventist couple, it's kind of cool

My Sabbath Experience - This weekend, I wanted to visit an old friend of mine but I wanted to keep the visit short because I was afraid it would interfere with his rituals, if I may call it that. He did not mind, he said, and I did not regret it.

Good news Bible in my friend's living room

He is a seventh day Adventist and I was about to drive five hours to see him on Thursday and I wanted to leave Friday afternoon because I know Adventists usually begin Sabbath Friday evening.

I stayed. And I enjoyed it.

It was nice to see a couple in love sitting and watching gospel music videos, singing to it, spending quality time while praising the Lord.

My friend, he plays the saxophone. He is in the living room "sounding" away, LOL, and his wife was sitting next to him singing hymns of glory.

After that we all watched an inspiring Christian movie.

I didn't get to go to church with them Saturday morning because I had to go to see a friend whose father passed away before I leave Orlando Florida but I don't regret the opening of Sabbath that I got to spend with him and his lovely wife.

It was no interference at all and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you Serge. I had fun and I learned a lot. Thanks again.

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Ralph Leon says...

Yes Woodring, I am so excited when I received your email and you mentioned you were enjoy the opening sabbath with ur friend, hope you won't stop here and continue whenever you have another opportunity to stop by pour une autre ADORATION and I bet you you will enjoy the service.

I am myself a Seventh Day Adventist ...

This is the Day the Lord has

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Patrick Princivil says...

Good job,

always, just remember that: be seventh-day adventist is not a burden, this is a gift come from

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Subject: I experienced Sabbath while visiting an Adventist couple, it's kind of cool edit

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