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Haiti Religion - President Martelly Phone Conversation with Pope Francis

President Martelly and Pope Benedict XVI In a phone conversation with Pope Francis, Haiti President Michel Martelly thanked the Holy Father personally for having elevated Mgr Chibly Langlois, Bishop of Les Cayes, to the ranks of Cardinal, a first for Haiti... more »

Haiti President Martelly Going to Mandela Funeral in South Africa

Nelson Mandela Haiti president Michel Martelly is leaving Haiti Monday to join President Barack Obama and 60+ other Chiefs of State for the Funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Haiti, as First Black Republic in the world, intends to make a tribute to this symbol of the universal struggle for equality of the human races and democracy, said an official note from Haiti's National Palace... more »

Haiti President Michel Martelly pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela President Michel Martelly pays tribute to the symbol of the anti-apartheid and Father of the democracy struggle in South Africa, Nelson Mandela aka "Madiba" more »

VIDEO - President Martelly message, 17 Oct 2013, Death Of Dessalines

Haiti President Michel Martelly during a speech Watch the video... Message A La Nation - Haiti President Michel Martelly's message to Haitians everywhere on this 207th anniversary of the the death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, October 17 2013 more »

Haiti Politics - President Martelly Throws a counter-punch at Aristide

Aristide Vs. Martelly - Let's Get Ready To Rumble... SCOOP... Martelly Replies to Aristide without mentioning his name more »

Haiti President Martelly New Chairman of CARICOM

Haiti President Martelly - Caricom Chairman Have you heard? Haitian President Michel Martelly is the new Chairman of CARICOM... Cool... more »

Memorable Edition of RANMASSE on Radio Caraibes FM, Moise Jn-Charles Unplugged!

RTVC - Radio Television Caraibes FM Haiti Did anybody tune in to RANMASSE this weekend on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM? Se pa Moise Jean-Charles selman non ki te deploge... It was a jaw dropping experience, believe you me... more »

Haiti, A Student Killed, A Suspect In Jail, Why is there a Protest?

A Tire Burning - Protest in Haiti In Haiti there is no such thing as a peaceful protest. tout bagay se voye wosh, gaz lakrimojen, epi Haiti bloke... more »

Haiti Observateur Bombshell Article - Clifford Brandt Names Olivier Martelly In Kidnapping Ring.

haiti observateur article - affaire brandt Haiti Kidnapping, Affaire Brandt -- Haitian newspaper Haiti Observateur has just released a bombshell article in which Kidnapping suspect Clifford Brandt incriminates Olivier Martelly, son of Haitian President Michel Martelly, as the Number 6 man in the the famous kidnapping ring. Brandt says he is only the Number FIVE man... so who is above him? more »