Poverty in Haiti

Why is it that the rich in Haiti never leave the country, only the poor?

Poukisa moun ki pi rich yo pa janm kouri kite Haiti, se toujou malere afè pa bon k ap pete kouri kite peyi a? Kisa sa di w de peyi Dayiti? (English below)

There are more Haitians living in Poverty than you may think

I was reading a news article and I was surprised when I read found out how many Haitians actually live in poverty. The number is way more than you may think.

Daily life in Haiti - Reuters shows a sad Haitian reality in pictures

If you sent me on a mission to take 25 pictures to show daily life in Haiti, I would choose a different set of pictures but I am Haitian, I am not Reuters. I don't have their mentality.

Poverty is MORE visible in Haiti - True or False?

There is poverty everywhere in the world but in Haiti poverty is simply more visible. People with money in Haiti look POOR. So if you don't have money it is even worse...

Poverty in Haiti - Are Haitian politicians thinking for them?

Take a look at this photo... Imagine the people who live in this tiny little house... Where do his children go to school? Where does he get medical care when he is sick? If they have an emergency at night, who will come to his rescue?

Hunger in Haiti - The Street Protests have Begun and may Soon Multiply

People are hungry in Haiti and some organizations took to the streets Friday to protest against the lack of jobs, being hungry, and the extreme poverty that exists in the country... This may only be the beginning protests organizers are saying...

Give Haiti a FISH, Teach Her NOTHING!

QUESTION: If you had BILLIONS of DOLLARS to give to Haiti, would you: A) Take the money and give it to the poor, feed them and give them shelter OR... B) Invest in the long term economic recovery of Haiti, create jobs so the poor people can work, feed themselves and provide their own shelter??? I am asking because...

When there is NO bad news in Haiti, foreign media shift to...

Whenever there is NO BAD breaking news in Haiti, whenever there are no tires burning, no fights in the Senate, nobody in the streets of Haiti screaming 'ABA', the world media shift to "Charity & Poverty Mode" and they start telling you about every little person donating used sneakers to poor Haiti.

Haiti 17 Octobre - Dessalines and the Eradication of Poverty

In Haiti, October 17 is Jean-Jacques Dessalines Day... ALSO... October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty... Did you know that?

Haiti: The Rich Vs The Poor - Who Leaves? Who Stays?

Someone once told me this: If you see poor people running in one direction, don't ask, start running the other direction. BUT...