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Land in Haiti - 2 chunks of downtown Port-au-Prince taken over by government for public use (eminent domain)

Land For Sale in Haiti The Haitian government had decided it's time to enlarge the State University Hospital of Port-au-Prince (l'Hopital de l'Université d'Etat d'Haiti - HUEH) and construct a new building for the Haitian firefighters. To do that, 2 chunks of downtown Port-au-Prince have been taken over for public use (utilité publique). more »

Haiti - Port-au-Prince Mayor wants to CLEAR the Road from Rue Oswald Durand to Portail Leogane

Rue Oswald Durand - Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haiti Traffic Update - The mayor of the city of Port-au-Prince Haiti wants to clear the road for traffic from rue Oswald Durand in downtown Port-au-Prince all the way to Portail Leogane... more »

Haiti Historian Georges Corvington Dies at 88

Haitian Writers - Little Haiti Book Fair, 2004 Georges Corvington, a prominent Haitian historian, died Wednesday at age 88. Georges Corvington was best known for his books "Port-au-Prince au Cours des Ans." more »

Haiti: From Port-au-Prince to Carrefour, 4 Miles, an Eternity to Get There...

Haiti Road: Port-au-Prince - Carrefour It is only 4 miles from Downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti to Carrefour but... You can spend hours trying to get from here to there... more »

Kita Nago Left Port-au-Prince en Route to Ouanaminthe

Kita Nago Leaving Port-au-Prince - 16 Jan 2013 Haitian Police and authorities joined hands this morning to raise Kita Nago from the base of the Neg Mawon statue and carry it out of Port-au-Prince. Kita Nago continute it's journey, on Foot, from one Haitian Hand to another, from Les Irois to Ouanaminthe. more »