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Leogane Haiti - Police Chief Telemaque Claude Arrested for Drug Trafficking and Transported to the United States

PHOTO: Haiti Police National - Uniform Haitian police chief Telemaque Claude, the chief of police of the city of Leogane, Haiti, was arrested for illegal drug trafficking Thursday, 13 Nov 2014... Telemaque Claude was immediately transported to the United States of America... more »

Haiti Traffic Police Issues a Warning to Big Truck Drivers for the Opening of School

Camion Transport Le Bon Samaritain Gonaives Haiti Haiti's Direction de la Circulation et de la Police Routière (DCPR) - The Traffic and the Highway Police Directorate - has issued a warning to Haitian truck drivers... For the opening of school in Haiti, big trucks and tractor trailers are banned from the streets of metropolitan Port-au-Prince between the hours of 5am to 9am, also between 3pm to 6pm for the the safety of the students... more »

Haiti Police Brutality - Policeman Runs to the United States to avoid prosecution, BIG Mistake...

UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti There was an incident Petit-Goave Haiti where some Haitian police officers created panic during a concert... One of the officers involved is believed to have fled to the United States... more »

Increased Security Measures near Haiti Port-au-Prince International Airport

Haiti - Premier Minis Laurent Lamonthe rankontre ak Otorite la Polis The Haitian government is taking drastic measures to insure the security of airline passengers arriving at Haiti's Port-au-Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport... more »

Police Haitien vs. Police Dominicain - Ki Police ki pi Corrompu?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Mezanmi... Mwen sot li yon list police ki pi corrompu dans le monde sou yon sit entènet Haitien epi, lè mwen gade nan list la, mwen wè Haiti, epi-m pa wè Sen Domeng... mwen ton be ri... Mwen di: "Aaaaaa tchwipppps, lis saa pa bon..." more »

South Florida's Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested in Haiti

Wesnel Isaac - America's Most Wanted arrested in Haiti If you think you can commit a crime in the United States then go hide in Haiti you have another thing coming... A Haitian man, Wesnel Isaac, who is wanted for murder, kidnapping and robbery in South Florida was hiding in Haiti until recently... more »

Haitian Man arrested for impersonating a police officer

Johny Biguine - Fake policeman arrested in Haiti Petionville Haiti - A Haitian man was arrested after impersonating a police officer... Johny Biguine used a stolen police uniform from the Motorized Intervention Brigade (BIM) and was going around pretending to be a cop and ripping people off... more »

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Now in Cap Haitien

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la A new brigade of Haitian Policemen on Bike has just been launched in the city of Cap-Haitien Haiti... In an intiative to bring the police closer to the Police, eight new police officers will be patrolling the streets of Cap-Haitien on bicycles. more »

A new promotion of Haitian community police officers just Graduated

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la Haiti's Community Police is growing in numbers... A new promotion of Haiti community police officers have just graduated from the Haitian police academy. They are ready to hit the streets various community across the country. more »

Haiti News Soup -- Kidnapping, Clifford Brandt, Michel Martelly, Moise Jn-Charles, Lobey...

President Mitchele Matalla, Bandi Legal - Michel Martelly In case you haven't been following Haitian news in the past few days let me de-brief you... Kidnapping melanje ak Politik an Haiti! Bagay tèt chaje nèt al kole... more »