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Haiti Crime - Police Officer SHOT Dead in Cap-Haitien Friday

PHOTO: Haiti Police - PNH en Deuil Bad news from Haiti - Another police officers was shot and killed... this time in Cap-Haitien, Northern Haiti... more »

Haiti Police are on STRIKE?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Can the police go on Strike? It's been reported that some members of the Haitian National Police are on a 2-day strike, Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 Mar 2016... more »

Haiti Police - Godson Orelus Reappointed Director General of PNH

Godson Orelus - Directeur General - Police National d'Haiti Haiti president Michel Martelly has just reappointed Godson Orelus Director General of the Haiti National Police (PNH) by presidential decree... more »

Haiti Crime - Two Police Officers Murdered in Cold Blood

Crime Scene in Haiti Two Haitian police officers, Forcena Banham and Edouard Occile, were murdered in cold blood in Drouillard, Haiti, Monday after the armed bandits they were in pursuit of turned around and shot them dead... more »

Haiti Crime - Former Police Chief Jean Nesly Lucien Shot Twice in Port-au-Prince, 1 Dead

Jean Nesly Lucien - Haiti Police Chief Port-au-Prince Haiti - Jean Nesly Lucien, former Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), was the victim of an assassination attempt in Tabarre Wednesday afternoon, 26 August 2015... more »

Haiti Police Officers are about to Get a Salary INCREASE

PHOTO: Haiti National Police Force, New graduating class Good news for all Haitian Police officers out there... Haiti Justice Minister Pierre-Richard Casimir has just announced a salary increase for ALL Haitian National police (PNH) officers starting in October... more »

Haiti National Police Celebrates 20 years Anniversary

PHOTO: Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul and Police Chief Godson Orelus The Haiti National police force (PNH) is 20 years old... The PNH celebrated their 20-year anniversary, 12 Jun 2015, at the police academy on Route de Frere... more »

Haiti Police - UDMO Ouest Headquarters Moving to Cite Soley, Officers Angry

UDMO - Police Nationale d'Haiti The Haiti Departmental Unit for the Maintenance of Order (UDMO) in Capital Port-au-Prince has been asked to pack their bags and move to a new headquarter in Cite Soley... UDMO officers are really angry and resisting this move... more »

Haiti - Police Chief Godson Orelus promises a Fight against Bandits

Godson Orelus - Directeur General - Police National d'Haiti Haiti police chief Godson Orelus says BANDITS BEWARE... The police is coming for you... Chief Orelus has mobilized the entire Haitian police force for a fight against armed bandits who are spreading fear and insecurity in the population... more »

Haiti Police Nationale - 25th Promotion just Graduated...

PHOTO: Haiti - New Police Graduates, 25th Promotion Haiti Security - The 25th promotion of the Haiti National Police force has just graduated... That means more police presence in the streets of Haiti to fight crime... to protect and serve a population in need of more security. more »