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Haiti - Protesters in Mirebalais Haiti decide to cut off power lines going to Hinche and Haut Pateau Central

Electric Power Pole - Haiti Power and Electricity FLASH: Protesters in Mirebalais, Centre Haiti, have decides to cut off the electric power lines going to Hinche and the Haut Plateau Central region because, according to a radio journalist, the citizens of the Haut Plateau Central refuse to protest. more »

Earthquake in Belladere and Lascahobas Haiti sends the population in panic

Earthquake in Haiti Haiti Centre Department - The ground trembled Monday, May 7, 2018, in the communes of Belladère and Lascahobas (Plateau Central Haiti) created panic among the population in Belladère. more »

Haiti - Route Belladere (Department Centre) bloke matin Vendredi 16 Fevrier 2018 la

PHOTO: Haiti - Restoration of the old Belladere Army Barracks (Caserne de Belladere) Belladere Haiti - Matin an, Route Belladere, Departement Centre te bloke. Dapre you radio nan Kapital la moun nan zone la lan te bloke route pou konpayi Estrella. more »

FLASH: Plateau Central Haiti - Route Thomassique-Dalegrand COUPE, Barikad, Dife...

PHOTO: Thomassique Haiti Plateau Central Haiti : Nouvelles -- Route Thomassique pou ale Dalegrand koupe plizye moso lanwit Jeudi 21 Juillet a. Kèk individi koupe yon gro pye mango lage sou route la en forme de manifestation pou mande dlo ak kouran nan zone la... more »

Major Landslide in Haiti - Route Nationale No. 3 - Peligre

Landslide in Haiti - Route Nationale 3 - Peligre Over the weekend, tons of mountain dirt fell onto Route Nationale No. 3 near the Peligre hydroelectric dam in plateau centrale Haiti. more »

Mirebalais Haiti, Home of The Largest Solar Powered Hospital In The World

Solar Panels on the Roof of Mirebalais University Hospital in Haiti You probably heard that Partners in Heath built a new hospital in Mirebalais Haiti but did you know that the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) is the world's largest solar-powered hospital? more »

Bassin Zim Water Fall - The New Hangout Spot in Haiti

Bassin Zim - Hanging out in Haiti Plateau Central Haiti is the spot where everyone wants to build a home. The Bassin Zim Waterfall outside Hinche Haiti is the new hot spot in the Plateau Central where everyone wants to hangout. more »

Haiti Dirt Road Dangers - At Risk Of Flipping Over

Haiti Dirt Roads - Boc Banic, Near The Dominican Border Boc Banic Haiti - One Wrong move and the big Ford Explorer would flip over, that's how dangerous this Haiti dirt road is. Half of the road is now a freakin cliff. If you are not from around there, you are as good as dead! more »

Boc Banic Haiti - My First Trip

Unpaved Dirt Road in Haiti Today, I will visit Boc Banic Haiti for the first time. Boc Banic is a small town on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic near Thomassique. more »

BIG Problem at the Hinche Haiti Airport... Read This...

Map Of Hinche Haiti There is a big problem with airplanes trying to take off and land in Hinche Haiti... There is usually someone or something in the way of the plane trying to land... a car, a goat, a donkey, a motorcycle, or a pedestrian... more »