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FLASH : Haitian North Miami School Principal Jean Coty Ridore Arrested on Corruption Charges

PHOTO: Jean Coty Ridore Haiti Diaspora News -- Have you heard? Haitian North Miami Senor High's night school principal Jean Coty Ridore was arrested monday on corruption charges... An undercover policeman recorded Ridore taking $1,000 cash to hire him as a no show employee... more »

Haitian Mayoral Candidate Anna Pierre Endorsed By Jesus Christ

Anna Pierre, Candidate For Mayor, Endorsed by Jesus Christ Mezanmi... Eeee.... Did you know about this? Former Haitian singer Anna Pierre ran for mayor of North Miami FL claiming to be endorsed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. more »

Lucie Tondreau Voted First Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami FL

Lucie Tondreau, First Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami FL History has been made once again in North Miami Florida, Haitian-American Lucie Tondreau has just been voted the first-ever Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami. more »

PHOTOS: Haitian Flag Day 2011 - North Miami Florida

Haitian Flag Day - North Miami Florida PHOTOS AND VIDEO - Last night, on Haitian Flag Day, downtown North Miami Florida was BLUE and RED! See all the photos here but first... Watch this video clip... more »