Concentrate your efforts on more important things in a more targeted area

How can you be so talented and yet you find yourself struggling to survive? Sometimes you may be very talented and you end up wasting that talent on things things that does not bring about any profit.

This is my advice that I'm giving to you today, but I'm really giving it to myself.

I feel that I have been wasting my talent on things that are not worth it without going into details.

Concentrate your efforts on more important things.

Recently, I was listening to YouTube video where the author spoke about how a great journalist writing for the wrong niche could find himself struggling to survive.

If you are a great journalist and you write great articles imagine if you wrote 10 articles for a local newspaper. How much money will you make?

Now what if you concentrated all of your energy and wrote one article for a major news organization where you knew it will be published and millions of people will read it. Now, how much will you earn?

You'll be making less effort while earning more at the same time.

Quit wasting your talent on people and things that will not benefit you in any way, shape or form. Focus all your energy where it counts the most.

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