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Manifestation in Haiti, One person shot and killed, another injured. Twisted story

PHOTO: Haiti - Senatè Moise Jean Charles pran Gaz Lakrimojèn, Li indispoze, se dlo yo vide sou tèt li - 17 Oktob 2014 There was an incident in a Haitian anti-government street protest in Port-au-Prince Thursday. One person was shot dead and another one was wounded. The opposition is crying Foul Play, the police is saying otherwise. more »

Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles' Mother is Dead...

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles The mother of Haitian Senator North Moise Jean -Charles, died Thursday in the Dominican Republic. Madame Menio Moise died from kidney problems. According to Haiti Press Network, Her health deteriorated after she learned the her son Moise Jean Charles died in a protest on October 17 2014, something that did not happen... more »

Memorable Edition of RANMASSE on Radio Caraibes FM, Moise Jn-Charles Unplugged!

RTVC - Radio Television Caraibes FM Haiti Did anybody tune in to RANMASSE this weekend on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM? Se pa Moise Jean-Charles selman non ki te deploge... It was a jaw dropping experience, believe you me... more »

Aba Martelly - Manifestation In Port-au-Prince

Haiti President Michel Martelly Got PROBLEMS! There has been lots of protest in Haiti calling for the resignation of Haitian president Michel Martelly, Why? La Vie Cher ak tout lot rezon nou pa konnen yo... ou konnen! more »