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In Haiti, LOUGAROUs and the Government is blamed for every freaking thing!

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa Imagine that... A baby is crying all day and all night, she is not eating, she just keeps on crying. The family refuses to take her to a hospital. Instead, they think it's some poor lougarou neighbor trying to suck the blood of the baby. more »

Haiti - yon matant mwen ap tiyem laa ak istwa lougarou

things that make you go hmmm Mwen gen yon matant mwen ki sot fe preske dezed tan laa ap rakonte-m yon paket istwa djab, sanpwel, lougawou, avek tout moun li konnen ki mouri YO leve en Haiti... Si se epok mwen te timoun piti laa, mwen pa tap fouti domi aswe a... LOL... more »