Kita Nago

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Kita Nago Arrives in Cap-haitien

Kita Nago People from Acul-du-Nord made Kita Nago spin 720 degrees in front of the entrance to Bois Caimans, then they headed for Cap-Haitien. more »

Haiti - Kita Nago Is Getting Media Attention

Kita Nago They are not sure what to call this Kita Nago thing happening in Haiti but they are talking about it... more »

VIDEO: Haiti - Kita Nago In Pont Rouge in Front of JJ Dessalines Monument

Kita Nago Pont Rouge Haitian citizen raise Kita Nago in front of the Jean Jacques Dessalines Monument in Pont-Rouge. This symbol of Unity is getting more popular as it makes it way to Ouanaminthe more »

Kita Nago Left Port-au-Prince en Route to Ouanaminthe

Kita Nago Leaving Port-au-Prince - 16 Jan 2013 Haitian Police and authorities joined hands this morning to raise Kita Nago from the base of the Neg Mawon statue and carry it out of Port-au-Prince. Kita Nago continute it's journey, on Foot, from one Haitian Hand to another, from Les Irois to Ouanaminthe. more »

Kita Nago - A New Symbol for Unity in Haiti

Kita Nago WHAT IS KITA NAGO? Every Haitian around the world is asking... more »