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Attempted kidnapping of son of former Haiti President Boniface Alexandre foiled by police

Haitian Police Officers Dr. Schiller Alexandre, son of former Haitian President Boniface Alexandre, was found bound and gagged at his home in Vivi Mitchell, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as police arrived in the nick of time to foil the plot to kidnap him. His friend, Eliphete Noel, a former Deputy (Congressman), received a blow to the head with a hammer and was struck in the shoulder with a machete. more »

BIG Manifestation in Jacmel Haiti Today, 19 Nov 2012

Photo - Manifestation in Jacmel Haiti - 19 Nov 2012 There is a BIG Protest/Manifestation taking place in Jacmel Haiti right now... more »

Haiti News Soup -- Kidnapping, Clifford Brandt, Michel Martelly, Moise Jn-Charles, Lobey...

President Mitchele Matalla, Bandi Legal - Michel Martelly In case you haven't been following Haitian news in the past few days let me de-brief you... Kidnapping melanje ak Politik an Haiti! Bagay tèt chaje nèt al kole... more »

Haiti Observateur Bombshell Article - Clifford Brandt Names Olivier Martelly In Kidnapping Ring.

haiti observateur article - affaire brandt Haiti Kidnapping, Affaire Brandt -- Haitian newspaper Haiti Observateur has just released a bombshell article in which Kidnapping suspect Clifford Brandt incriminates Olivier Martelly, son of Haitian President Michel Martelly, as the Number 6 man in the the famous kidnapping ring. Brandt says he is only the Number FIVE man... so who is above him? more »

Harboring a Fugitive in Haiti? You Will Go TO Jail...

Police National d'Haiti - Pwoteje e Sèvi - Arete Vagabon... Haitian authorities are on the hunt for kidnappers in Haiti these days and they make it very clear to the public: If you are harboring a criminal in you house you will be prosecuted as well, as an accomplice. more »

VIDEO - ALO La Police - Clifford Brandt Arrested in Haiti for Kidnapping

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested and Convicted for Kidnapping in Haiti Watch the VIDEO footage of the arrest of Clifford Brandt in Haiti, the rich businessman accused of kidnapping. The video also shows the live Rescue operation by Haitian police unit BRI (Brigade de Recherche et d'Intervention) to save the victims. more »

Clifford Brandt Will be on Haiti ALLO La Police Reality TV Show Today!

Photo of Clifford Brand In Handcuffs for Kidnaping Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt who was arrested for kidnapping in Haiti will be showcased on the Haiti Police Nationale reality TV show "ALLO La Police" and it will air today... more »

PHOTO - Haitian Businessman Clifford Brandt In Handcuffs for Kidnaping

Photo of Clifford Brand In Handcuffs for Kidnaping Look at this photo of Rich Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, arrested for Kidnaping and being escorted by Haitian police to a local police station. more »

Clifford Brandt Arrested In Haiti For Kidnapping

Breaking News From Haiti BREAKING NEWS -- Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt has been detained by Haitian Police for involvement in Kidnapings. more »

Two Haitians Kidnapped in Egypt!

Are there any Haitians liging in Egypt? Have you heard? Two Haitian Americans tourists went to Egypt to retrace Jesus' steps and they were kidnapped at gunpoint. more »