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Haiti - Accused Kidnapper Sonson La Familia Released from Prison

PHOTO: Haiti - Sonson La Familia Released from Prison Woodly Etheart, aka Sonson Lafamilia, and Renel Nelfort, aka Renel le Recif were released from prison Friday after Haitian Judge Lamarre Bélizaire found insufficient evidence for these men to stand trial for kidnapping... more »

Haiti - Attempted Kidnapping of Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre foiled by police

PHOTO: Haiti - Monseigneur Pierre-Andre PIERRE An attempted kidnapping in Haiti of Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre, the Rector of Université Notre-Dame d'Haiti, was foiled by police early morning Saturday, 14 Mar 2015... more »

Haiti Justice - Lionel "Le Recif" Nelfort arrested in connection with Sonson La Famila

PHOTO: Haiti Police National - Uniform Haitian authorities arrested Lionel "Le Récif" Nelfort Thursday, 11 Dec 2014, someone they say is a member of Baz Galil, the same group linked to Woodley Ethéard, aka Sonson La Familia, who is currently in jail on Kidnapping charges... more »

Haiti Prison Break - SONSON La Familia DID NOT Escape...

Haitian prisonner Woodley Etheard aka SONSON La Familia DID NOT Escape from the Haiti Prison Break although he had the chance to... Stay tuned... more »

Haiti Prison Break - 13 Escaped Convicts Recovered by Police

Haiti Prison Break Thirteen of the inmates who escaped from the Prison Civile de Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti have been recovers by Police Sunday... The search continues for the other convicts... So far no one knows exactly how many escaped convicts are out there but one thing is certain... Clifford Brands is one one of them... more »

Haiti - Clifford Brandt WANTED Dead or Alive - REWARD One Million Gourdes

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested for Kidnapping in Haiti Breaking News... Haiti Kidnapping - Clifford Brandt is now an escaped convict and the MOST WANTED man in Haiti...Haitian authorities are offering a ONE MILLION Gourdes reward to anyone who can with information that lead to the capture of Clifford Brandt DEAD or ALIVE... more »

Haiti - Kidnapping Becoming a Thing of the Past

Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso - Kidnapped by Clifford Brandt? Great News... Kidnapping is at an all time LOW in Haiti - A couple of years ago, kidnapping was Haiti's last name... Nowadays there are more FAKE kidnappings reported in Haiti (people who pretend to be kidnapped then turn around and defraud family members in the diaspora asking them to send money to pay ransom) than the real thing, according the latest news reports from Haiti... more »

Woodly Etheart aka Sonson La Familia arrested in Haiti

Breaking News From Haiti FLASH... The alleged leader of the "gang Galil" Woodly Etheart, aka Sonson Lafamilia, has just surrendered himself to Haitian authorities who have been searching for him for over a month... According to news reports Sonson Lafamilia, accompanied by two lawyers walked into the offices of Judge Sonel Jean-François and surrendered... more »

Haiti Police arrest wife of Suspected Kidnapper Woodly Etheard aka Sonson La Familia

Breaking News From Haiti FLASH... Haitian Police has just arrested the wife of Woodly Etheard, aka Sonson La Familia, and shut town their restaurant. Wooldy Etheard is an alleged kidnapper and a close friend of the presidential family, the Haitian Media is saying. more »

Attempted kidnapping of son of former Haiti President Boniface Alexandre foiled by police

Haitian Police Officers Dr. Schiller Alexandre, son of former Haitian President Boniface Alexandre, was found bound and gagged at his home in Vivi Mitchell, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as police arrived in the nick of time to foil the plot to kidnap him. His friend, Eliphete Noel, a former Deputy (Congressman), received a blow to the head with a hammer and was struck in the shoulder with a machete. more »