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Give Haiti a FISH, Teach Her NOTHING!

Pep Haitien lonje men yo pou resevwa kichòy, anyen pa poko tonbe... QUESTION: If you had BILLIONS of DOLLARS to give to Haiti, would you: A) Take the money and give it to the poor, feed them and give them shelter OR... B) Invest in the long term economic recovery of Haiti, create jobs so the poor people can work, feed themselves and provide their own shelter??? I am asking because... more »

Heineken to invest 100 Million dollars in Haiti

Heineken has just announced that it plans to invest more than than 100 million dollars in Haiti... Of course to produce more beer... What you didn't know? Heineken owns Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti (BRANA)... Poko sezi pitit... LOL... There's more! more »

Haiti is a good place to invest, Nicholas Galt says

Haiti - Open For Business Newly-elected chairman of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA), Nicholas Galt, is looking to develop business opportunities in Haiti and he is suggesting that Caricom, of which Haiti is a member, should make travel access of citizens of the country to the region much easier. more »

Haiti Bank Borlette - 2 Billion a Year Industry

Did you know? Borlette in Haiti is a two billion a year industry... That's BILLION with a 'B'. I don't know if it is in gourdes, in Haitian dollars or U.S. but... That's a heck of a lot of money if you ask me! more »

Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

Haiti Small Business Ideas QUESTION - What type of small business would you start in Haiti right now? Start-up cost must be USD $500 or less, and it has to be so simple that anyone can manage it... more »

Why NOW is the perfect time to invest in Haiti...

Haiti - Open For Business True of False? If you bought a piece of land in Haiti over year ago, it would now be worth a lot more than what you paid for it. Had you left that money sleeping in Bank of America, I think we both agree you would barely get one one dollar interest on it. more »

Heineken and Guinness own Haiti's PRESTIGE Beer Brand

In case you didn't know, let me tell you... Heineken and Guinness now own 100 percent of the Haitian beer brand PRESTIGE... Heineken International owns 95 percent and Guinness owns the remaining five percent... more »

Haiti Hotels - Best Western Premier Petion-Ville Open For Business

The new $15 million, seven-story, Best Western Premier four-star hotel is completed and open for business in Petion-Ville Haiti. more »

Haiti - Construction Begins on $45 Million Four-Star Marriot Hotel

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Digicel and Marriott International (NYSE: MAR) today broke ground on the $45 million 175-room Marriott Hotels & Resorts brand hotel in the Turgeau area of Port-au-Prince, with opening expected in early 2015, making it the first four-star branded hotel in Haiti. more »

Haiti Sewer System and Waste Water Treatment

The lack of a Haiti Sewer System and Waste Water Treatment facility makes it impossible to even dream about certain types of businesses in Haiti - A Laundromat in downtown Hinche Haiti for instance... more »