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DIGICEL Haiti fiber optic cables cut off during gas price hike street protests Saturday

Haitian mobile phone and internet company DIGICEL took a big hit Saturday; its fiber optic cables were cut off causing customers to go without internet access and unable to make or receive international phone calls following violent protest due to an increase in gas prices.

President Jovenel promises FREE internet access at the Champs de Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Haitian president Jovenel Moise just added another promise to his list of promises to the Haitian people... FREE Internet access in Champs de Mars, Haiti's central park, in capital Port-au-Prince.

Natcom-Digicel: Haiti Mobile Phone Service is so BAD the Government is getting involved

Haitian consumers are complaining about mobile phone and mobile internet service in Haiti. So much so that the Haitian Prime Minister was summoned to the chamber of deputes to answer questions about mobile phone companies and the poor services they provide.

Haiti Internet Access: Natcom Wins Award for Fastest Internet Speed in Haiti

Natcom Internet is faster than Digicel and now they can brag about it... Natcom is the winner of the 2017 Speedtest Award for fastest mobile network speeds.

Haiti Internet Service - NATCOM Parese Anpil nan Bay Sevis, yo Refize Banm Sevis, Poukisa?

Haiti - Konpayi NATCOM parese anpil nan zafè bay moun sèvis... Kijan ou konprann bagay saa? NATCOM depanse yon paket lajan pou fe Fibre Optik rantre nan ville Hinche, epi yo derefize kouri fil andedan vil la pou bay nouvo kilyan yo sevis Internet nan kay, Fiber To The Home (FTTH)...

Poll: Haiti Internet Access - Natcom Vs. Digicel

Question: Which Haiti Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers the best Internet service for your money? Digicel? Natcom? Access Haiti? Do any of them offer UNLIMITED internet access at high speed?

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