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Haiti Finance Minister denies 10 percent annual property tax payment on VALUE of property

Haitians are worried that they will now have to pay property tax equivalent to 10 percent of the VALUE of their home each year to the government. Haiti's Finance Minister says this is NOT true... more »

Haiti Income Tax: Everyone MUST pay a minimum of 10,000 gourdes

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti The Haitian Diaspora is worried about a 10,000 gourdes income tax imposed on them by the Haitian government. It is not only the diaspora, everyone MUST pay a minimum of 10,000 gourdes income tax every year... more »

Income Tax Filings Seen Dipping Amid Trump Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

IRS form 1040 Millions of US taxpayers are rushing to complete their federal and state filings before the April 18 deadline. Among them are several million people Living in the United Stayes illegally, and there are signs that fewer such immigrants are filing than in years past. more »

Haiti Fiscal Year (Exercise Fiscal) Explained - Start and end dates

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti In Haiti you often hear the term "Exercise Fiscal" and, if you are a foreigner or a diaspora who's been out of Haiti for too long, you ask yourself what's that? Let me tell you... more »