Import Export in Haiti

Haiti Rice Import: More than 80 percent of the rice consumption is imported

Did you know... More than 80 percent of rice consumed in Haiti is imported and most of the rice consumed in Haiti comes from the United States. Haiti keeps importing more and more rice every year since 1986 despite the new government's promise to increase local rice production.

Haiti's organic Rum, Clairin, is quickly becoming the new "IT" in the American Market

If you thought drinking Clairin in Haiti is a thing that only poor people do, think again... The same bottle of Clairin that cost a few hundred gourdes in Haiti is now selling in the United States of America as "Organic Rum" at USD $40 a bottle!

Haiti : The Mango Season, Haiti should plant more mangos to export to the USA

It is spring in Haiti, the mango season is coming. Haiti should export all types of mangos: Mango corn, mango labiche, mango fil, mango rond, mango peau fin, mango cannelle, etc...

Haiti Economy - Official, Haiti is BACK in the Banana EXPORT Business...

Haiti Economy/Agriculture -- After many many years, Haiti is back on the map as an exporter of Banana... For the first time since 1955, Haiti is exporting this commodity... A BIG cargo ship arrived in Cap-Haitien Tuesday to pickup the first shipment of organic bananas from ARGITRANS, all 100 tons of it, Destination Germany...

Money Sent to Haiti - How Long before it Leaves the Country?

POP QUIZ: Jean Pierre is a Haitian immigrant who lives and works in the United States, he makes a USD $50 money transfer to Marie Michelle in Haiti. How long will it take before that $50 leaves Haiti? In other words... All this money coming into Haiti via remittences via Western Union, Cam Transfer, UniTransfer and Moneygram, how fast is it leaving the country?

Haiti Ends Ban on Imported Dominican Poultry, Eggs

The Dominican Republic says Haiti has lifted a ban on imports of Dominican poultry and eggs... The first person I mentioned that to asked me: POUKISA?

Why Does Haiti Import Cement When Haiti Is Rich In Limestone?

Over the weekend I visited a Dominican man in Hato Viejo (Haitians call it Atobio) near Banica in the Dominican Republic and he told me he could not understand why Haiti is importing Cement when the country is so rich in limestone, the key ingredient in the manufacture of Portland Cement.

First Agricultural Free-Trade Zone Created in Haiti

Haiti Economy - A brand new free-trade zone for agricultural products has just been established in Haiti. In the near future, Haiti could begin to export organic food products to the world market.

Cause and Effect: What has the Haitian currency to depreciated so much in value?

When I was a child growing up in Haiti, my father used to tell me how expensive life was (tout bagay shè) and how cheap life was 'back in the days' when he was a child growing up in Haiti...

Haiti Imports more than One Million Eggs PER DAY from the Dominican Republic!

WOW... What's going on here? Chicken in Haiti don't lay eggs no more?