HIV AIDS in Haiti

Haitian Pastor who recommended 21 bed bugs as the cure for HIV/AIDS to present in Court Tuesday

Haitian Pastor Mackenson Dorilas who recommended 21 bed bugs as treatment to his faithful followers suffering from HIV/AIDS has to present to court Tuesday, September 11 in Croix-des-Bouquets to answer questions.

Haitian Pastor Prophesizes his cure for HIV/AIDS - 21 bed bugs are part of the recipe (VIDEO)

Believe it or NOT, Haitian pastor Mackenson Dorilas believes he has the cure for HIV/AIDS. So Pastor Dorilas called on all the AIDS patients in his assembly to take notes while he lists all the ingredients they will need to compose the cocktail cure for AIDS.

HIV Rates in Haiti Drops Considerably

Haiti Medical News - Great News... The number of Haitians in Haiti who have tested positive for HIV has declined over the past decade. According to Haiti's Ministry of Public Health, the HIV infection rate in Haiti is now at 3.67 percent, a drop of nearly 10 percent...