Helping in Haiti

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Haiti would be better off without international aid, development expert said

Haiti Earthquake SOS sign Haiti is one of many poor countries where international aid has failed to fulfill its objectives. Despite billions of dollars being pumped in, little has changed since the disastrous earthquake of 2010, Joel Boutroue said. more »

US Government Accountability Office (GAO) Slams USAID Rebuilding Work in Haiti

things that make you go hmmm Did you know about this? The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report slamming USAID for their rebuilding work in Haiti. more »

Haiti: Teach Someone to Fish? What if there are NO Fish?

Fishing in Haiti - Fishing Boat, Fishing Net "The solution is a lot more complicated than teaching someone to fish," Matt Altman says in his reply to Confessions Of A Haiti NGO Worker, "It does no good teaching someone to fish if there are no fish, or the person does not have a way to get to the fish." more »