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Haiti Sante - Chikungunya anvayi prison Ti-Goave la, anpil prizonye malad!

Aedes aegypti - Chikungunya spreading mosquito Mezanmi... se pa de nan prizonye ki nan prizon Ti-Goave la gen Chikungunya... Marengwen rantre nan prizon an, se sa yo bliye yo pa fè. Komisè Leogane lan, Jean-Alex Pierre-Louis, fè konnen ke 23 pousan prizonye ki andedan prizon ti-Goave la ap soufri ak maladi Chikungunya.... more »

Haiti Govt and Harvard Medical School working on a Network of Community Pharmacies across the Country

PHOTO: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Visit to Boston (USA) The Haitian Government and Havard Medical School have signed a agreement to work on a concept to setup a national network of community pharmacies, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said Thursday in a meeting with the Haitian Diaspora in Boston. Partners in Health posted on their blog that the Haitian government has been working to introduce or improve community pharmacies in the remote parts of Haiti... more »

Haiti Health - Cholera on the rise in the Artibonite Region

Cholera Haiti - Cholera la toujou According to Haiti news reports, CHOLERA is on the rise in the Haiti Artibonite region. due to increased rainfalls, more and more cased of Cholera have been reported cities and towns like Gros Morne, Ennery, and Gonaives in Artibonite Haiti. more »

Haiti - Health : Which Vitamin Supplements do you Take and Why?

Vitamin Supplements: Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Calcium with Vitamin D Many of us in the Haitian community eat rice and beans almost everyday, we use lots of salt, oil, seasoning, Maggi and pat tomat in our food, to give it good taste and yet we have no clue how much vitamins and nutrients we are consuming in that food we eat... So let me ask you this: Are you taking vitamin supplements with your food and why? more »

How do I know I have Dengue or Chikungunya?

Feeling Sick For the past two days I have been feeling the worse joint pain ever... I mean everything hurts... last night a friend warned me it could be Chikungunya... He describes the symptoms to me, I had the headaches, fever, pain in my bones, I am going to the doctor in the morning... more »

Haiti - Sante : Twop sik diminye kapasite pou yon moun aprann

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical Mezanmi... Pou janm mwen renmen sik, mwen fèk dekouvri ke twòp sik kapab detwi sèvo w epi tiye entèlijens ou... Pou jan Haitien renmen bwè bagay sikre, ou kwè yo tout konnen saa? Gen yon moun ki pwal ri m wi lè li li atik saa... Li sa a... more »

Haiti - Health : Mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus in Haiti

Haiti Medical Alert There have been news reports of the presence of the chikungunya virus in Haiti... This is a virus that is transmitted to humans by virus-carrying mosquitoes. Once infected you will have a bad fever and severe joint pain... more »

In Haiti, BAYE (Yawning) means you are hungry... True or False?

things that make you go hmmm True or False? - BAYE (Yawning) in Haiti means you are hungry (GRANGOU) -- Am I the only Haitian who think that? or is there anyone out there who heard this before? more »

Haiti Cholera - Why wont the United Nations (UN) take responsibility?

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins Everyone is pointing fingers at the United Nations for introducing cholera to Haiti but the United nations is playing politics, they say the evidence is inconclusive, they say they have immunity. more »

Haiti bans the import of meat and eggs from the Dominican Republic

Live Chicken - Poul Di Haiti, Tou Vivan The Haitian government has banned the importation of meat and animals products from the Dominican Republic until further notice due to the resurgence of avian flu over there. more »