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New York Times Unpublishes Haiti Restavec Photos after finding Photojournalist lied about photo subjects

Restavek in Haiti, the Vlad Sokhin photographs The New York Times has unpublished a post showcasing photographs of Haitian child servants. Apparently, photojournalist Vlad Sokhin lied about the people in this photos, one of whom he paid $100 a day to be his driver, according to the editor's note... more »

What Is Babydoc Duvalier Doing In Mitt Romney USA Politics?

jean claude baby doc duvalier What is the link between Babydoc Jean-Claude Duvalier and US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney??? more »

Wyclef Jean Accused Of Wasting YELE Charity Money

Wyclef Jean, The Haitian Flag The New York Post says hip-hop star Wyclef Jean collected $16 million for earthquake relief in Haiti but says less than one of third was spend on the charity work... What happened to the rest? more »

Patrice Millet - Haitian CNN Hero

Patrice Millet After battling cancer, not once, but twice, Haitian businessman Patrice Millet sold his business and moved back to Haiti to help the children... His weapon: SOCCER... Meet the Haitian CNN Hero... more »

Haitian Man Who Posed As High School Student Get 3 Years In Jail

Guerdwich Montimere alias Jerry Joseph A Haitian man who posed as a high school star basketball player in West Texas is about to spend 3 years behind bars to think about it... more »