Haitians in the Dominican Republic

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Haitian Businessman in DR affected by Haiti-Dominican Relationship

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Some Haitian businessmen are hurting in the Dominican Republic due to a slow down in Haitian merchants coming into DR... Recently, we met with a young Haitian businessman in Santo Domingo who said his business is deeply affected by the relationship between Haitian and the Dominican republic. more »

Vandals invade Home of Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican Republic Fritz Cineas

PHOTO: Fritz Cineas, Haiti Ambassador to Dominican Republic Dominican crooks dressed in Electric Company uniform burglarized the residence of the Ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic, Fritz Cinéas, Thursday, 5 February 2015... more »

10 Haitian student air traffic controllers just graduated in the Dominican Republic

Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Port-au-Prince, Haiti I just found out that 10 Haitian student Air Traffic controllers have just graduated at Academia Superior de Ciencas Aeronaúticas (ASCA) in the Domincan Republic. That's great news... As more airport open up in Haiti I certainly hope these new Haitian air traffic controllers find jobs so they can be of service to their country. more »

Build a WALL between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, says Dominican Politician

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic Dominican deputy Vinicio Castillo Seman has proposed to his colleagues the building of WALL 400 kilometers long to separate the Dominican Republic from the Republic of Haiti... The logic behind this is to help prevent Haitian migration into the Dominican Republic, Castillo says. more »

What THE??? The Ku Klux Klan in Dominican Republic Parade?

Ku Klux Klan in a Dominican Republic Parade? Can you believe this? A group dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfit received the blessing of the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Culture to participate in a Santo Domingo Carnival... As if the anti-Haitian ruling 168-13 was not enough... What the hell is that supposed to mean? more »

Need new Bushings for your vehicle in Santo Domingo? Haitians can do that...

Replacement shock bushings made by a Haitian man in Santo Domingo While replacing the shocks in my truck while in Santo Domingo, the mechanic found that the wobble was because of bad bushings on the rear short stabilizer arms. He suggested go see a Haitian man about the replacements... All eight of them... WHAT do you mean better than the original? more »

Haiti scores major points at dialogue with Dominican Republic

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Establishing a difference between those who are affected by the decision of the Dominican Constitutional Court and those who came from Haiti as undocumented aliens is one of the goals achieved by the Commission representing the Haitian Government during this first of a series of discussions scheduled to take place on a monthly basis. more »

Nan zafe Depotation Haitien nan Neyba, St Domeng bay yon lot shif ak yon lot istwa

Yon Machinn Shaje Haitien ki ap Rapatrye soti Republique Dominicaine Direktion general imigrasyon nan Sen Domeng (DGM) fè konnen ke yon pat depote pyes Haitien aprè sa kite pase nan Neyba-a.... Dapre otorite yo, 172 Haitiens te mande èd yo pou yo te retounen nan peyi yo, Haiti, volontairement... more »

CARICOM condemns Dominican court ruling on Haitian-Dominican Denationalization, defers vote on Dominican membership

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) says it is suspending the Dominican Republic's application until Santo Domingo acts to stop stripping citizenship rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent. In a statment Tuesday, Caricom said: "The Community, at this time, will suspend consideration of the request by the Dominican Republic for membership of the Caribbean Community" more »

244 Haitians Expelled from Dominican Republic after Killing along Border

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic There has been reports of mass deportations of Haitians from the Dominican Republic... Here is the latest... 244 Haitians were reportedly expelled from the Dominican Republic following the killing of two elderly Dominicans... more »