Haitians in the Dominican Republic fear deportation on a daily basis

Fear of deportation is the hottest topic among Haitians in the various "barrios" of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Almost everyday you hear stories of Haitians being arrested by Dominican authorities to be deported back to Haiti. Even on Sundays...

PHOTO: Dominican Soldiers
PHOTO: Dominican Soldiers

"I simply cannot afford go to Haiti right now," a young Haitian living illegally in Santo Domingo told us. His wife and son live in Haiti and he is trying to earn a living across the border to send money back home.

Every morning he wakes up to go to work on a construction site and every morning his friends are worried that he will not be coming back.

A few days ago, Dominican police and immigration officers came to the barrio (neighborhood) where he lives and loaded up many pickup with Haitians living illegally to be sent back to Haiti.

Lucky for this young man, he went to work earlier that day. It is a constant stress, he said, "but I need the money. I cannot find a job back home, so I have to continue living this way across the border. I have to feed my family."

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Evenson Garcon says...

Please let them come back home dont kill them our governement works to feed them it is a bad thing to kill my black haitian god bless dominican republic because he distroys life children of God you will pay the

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Haitians In Dr says...

La peur de la déportation est le sujet le plus chaud parmi les Haïtiens dans les différents "barrios" de Saint-Domingue, République dominicaine.

Presque tous les jours, vous entendez des histoires d'Haïtiens arrêtés par les autorités dominicaines pour être expulsés en Haïti. Même le dimanche ...

"Je ne peux tout simplement pas me permettre d'aller en Haïti en ce moment", a déclaré un jeune Haïtien vivant illégalement à Saint-Domingue.

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