Assault rifle used to rob a bank in Santo Domingo belongs to Haitian Police (PNH)

What is an assault rifle belonging the Haitian National Police force (PNH) doing in a bank robery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic? Read this...

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A Banco Popular got robbed over the weekend in Ensanche Isabelita, La Isabelita, Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic and the bank robbers got away with the loot. A Dominican police investigation reveal the assault the criminals used to confront the police is a Haitian Police issued assault rifle.

A police spokesman told the media two Haitians are also involved in the robbery.


The Haitian Police needs to be more careful with their inventory.

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David Grant says...

It is unclear to me how the Santo domingo Police arrive at the deduction that the rifle used to commit the robbery belongs to the Haitian Police since the latter got away with the loot-where is the

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Haiti Crime says...

Kisa ZAM la Police nationale d'Haiti ap fè nan men volè k ap kase bank Santo Domingo?

Se sa k'ap diskite lakay

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Subject: Assault rifle used to rob a bank in Santo Domingo belongs to Haitian Police (PNH) edit

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