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Vodou is a religion practiced chiefly in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora. Practitioners are called vodouists, vodouisants, or servants of the spirits.

So the saying goes... Haitians are "60% Catholic, 40% Protestant and 100% vodou."


Haiti Vodou - Newly Elected ATI National Alcenat Zamor is Dead!

PHOTO: Haiti - Alcenat Zamor - Nouvo Ati National Vodou Have you heard? The new leader (ATI National) of the the Haitian Vodou religion is DEAD... Alcenat Zamor was was elected on 10 December to replace Ati Max Beauvoir following his death back in September and 20 days later, he died... more »

Haiti Vodou - Alcenat Zamor become New ATI National replacing Max Beauvoir

PHOTO: Haiti - Alcenat Zamor - Nouvo Ati National Vodou The Haitian Vodou religion has a new leader (ATI National), Alcenat Zamor was elected unanimously to replacing Ati Max Beauvoir following his death back in September... Alcenat Zamor is elected for 7 years... more »

Haiti Vodou Supreme Chief Max BEAUVOIR is Dead

PHOTO: Haiti - Max Beauvoir Haiti's Ati National Max Beauvoir, supreme chief of Vodou, passed away Saturday, 12 September 2015... Max Beauvoir, a biochemical engineer most famously known for his religion, was 79 years old when he died in Capital Port-au-Prince... more »

Vodou is BIG social problem for Haiti, Cardinal Chibly Langlois Says

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois has just fired a bullet at VODOU in Haiti saying that Vodou is a BIG social problem in Haiti that only offers "MAGIC" but no real solution to Haiti's problems... Vodou will NOT save the country, Cardinal Chibbly Langlois says... more »

Dominicain an di: Nenpot Resource ki genyen Haiti, Haitien Dyabolize li

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa ISTWA TOUT BON... Yon jou mwen visite lakay yon zanmi dominicain ki abite sou fontyè Haitiano-Dominicain an. N-ap pale, Misye di-m konsa Haiti genyen anpil resource naturel men, olye pou yo ta exploite resous sa yo, yo prefere diabolize yo... more »

VODOU: One of the MOST ORGANIC and NATURAL forms of spirituality!

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa VODOU - known to most as voodoo after Hollywood coined the term in the 1920s - is feared because of ignorance BUT... Photojournalist Anthony Karen considers vodou to be one of the MOST ORGANIC and natural forms of spirituality... Do you share that feeling or do you FEAR vodou as well??? more »

Are Evangelical Missionaries in Haiti really MISERY Tourists?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... I recently read an article that calls Evangelical missionaries in Haiti "misery tourists" who target Vodou believers as souls in need of salvation from the grip of Satan... Do you agree with this notion? more »

Haitian Vodou Myth - Mare Lapli (Stopping the Rain from Falling)

A Haitian Grandmother pouring Water on her Grandson Fact of Fiction? Haitians have to power to stop the rain from falling? Some people in Haiti believe it.. They call it "Mare Lapli." more »

VIDEO: The New Image of Haiti

The New Image of Haiti - Relaxing at the Beach Watch this video promoting a new image of Haiti. "La nouvelle image d'Haiti dans le monde" (The new image of Haiti in the world) more »

Haitian Christian, Do you have a Problem with Other Religions, Vodou Specifically?

Catholic Church - The New Cathedral In Hinche Haiti True or False? A Haitian Christian will walk into a Chinese restaurant and order chicken wings with pork fried rice even though there is a statue of BUDDHA on the counter with a bowl of rice in front of it, lighting lamps, burning incense, and other offerings in front of BUDDHA... BUT... Should a Haitian restaurant owner dares to add any picture in his/her restaurant that resembles vodou, even as a decor, chances are, that customer may not order, or worse, he/she may never return. more »